Wanderlist Discover: Nevis, The Caribbean

Wanderlist Travel -  Discover Series: Nevis, The Caribbean: The laid back and unspoiled friendly paradise of Nevis, one of the two islands that form the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, is probably the best kept secret among the Caribbean Islands.

Wanderlist Discover: Zimbabwe

Wanderlist Travel -  Discover Series: Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe has abundant wild life, well-preserved national parks, spectacular water-falls & lakes and UNESCO recognized World Heritage Sites that provide a glimpse into the history of the African continent.

Wanderlist Discover: Meteora, Greece

Wanderlist Travel -  Discover Series: Meteora, Greece: Meteora is one of the most extraordinary places in Greece. The region is dotted with massive, sheer rock columns, that can best be described as miracles of nature

Wanderlist Discover: Umea, Sweden

Wanderlist Travel -  Discover Series: Umea, Sweden: Umeå is one of those perfect destinations that seem to have it all within easy reach : a great coast lined up with beautiful beaches, four rivers that offer multiple options for adventure sports, tranquil countryside with impressive nature reserves, and a buzzing city life with trendy shopping, dining and sight-seeing opportunities to keep you busy for days.

Wanderlist Discover: Skopje, Macedonia

Wanderlist Travel -  Discover Series: Skopje, Macedonia: Today Skopje is a city is filled with towering marble statues and mega fountains, as well as the Old Bazaar and other monuments that pay tribute to its multi-cultural heritage.

Wanderlist Discover: Ladakh, India

Wanderlist Travel -  Discover Series: Ladakh, India: High up in the northern-most parts of India, the desert plateau of Ladakh is nothing short of spectacular, with its jagged mountains, picture-perfect monasteries and awe-inspiring vistas.

Wanderlist Discover: Esperance, Australia

Wanderlist Travel -  Discover Series: Esperance, Australia: The picturesque town of Esperance in Australia was once popular as the home to the bright bubble-gum coloured “Pink Lake” that stood out for their unique colour properties.

Wanderlist Discover: Banos, Ecuador

Wanderlist Travel -  Discover Series: Banos, Ecuador: Banos de Agua Santa, popularly known as Banos, is the last big city in the mountains you will pass through as you head into the Amazon river basin and the surrounding jungle.

Wanderlist Discover: Treviso, Italy

Wanderlist Travel -  Discover Series: Treviso, Italy: The delightful Treviso is a historic city complete with Renaissance squares, stunning churches and little by-lanes that criss-cross tiny canals, running besides even tinier gardens.

Wanderlist Discover: Bolivia

Wanderlist Travel -  Discover Series: Bolivia: Bolivia is a beautiful, multi-cultural and democratic country, in the interiors of South America. For the truly adventurous, there is the bike ride along one of the most dangerous roads in the world, Death Road