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Wanderlist Discover: Aarhus, Denmark

Wanderlist Discover: Aarhus, Denmark

The locals describe Aarhus as the “World’s Smallest Big City”, and that’s not too far off from the truth, given how much is packed in this small town. Full of fun things to do, Aarhus is a lively mix of youthful energy and pride in its past. It is one of the oldest Scandinavian cities, but almost 15% of the population are young students, as it is a very popular educational town. In addition to its popular university, Aarhus is also home to a cosy Latin Quarter that is buzzing with energy. It has several museums, art galleries and fortified old structures that give visitors a glimpse into the city’s past. And if you rent a bike or a cycle from one of the many rental shops, you will never be more than 15 minutes away from a nearby beach or forest. The city never seems to run short of ways to keep visitors entertained, and perhaps that’s they reason why Aarhus is referred to as one of the happiest places on Earth.  


  • Learn About Danish History : Den Gamle By (The Old Town) is an open-air museum that has 75 buildings, carefully moved from all over the country, and is a  perfect way to get a glimpse of how the Danes lived since decades ago. The carefully reconstructed homes are not museum replicas, but the real deal, and if you walk into one of the doors, you will see actual people, all dressed in the appropriate dress for the period, living a life, as the original inhabitants of the homes. Perhaps if you are lucky, you can get one of the maids to bake you a cake in the traditional manner, or even get shoes fixed by the cobblers using tools of the past!
  • Walk Around The Rainbow : Aarhus is home to many great works of modern art, but none is as iconic as Olafur Eliasson’s Your Rainbow Panorama - a 150 mtr long circular walkway that sits on top of the Aarhus Art Museum (ARoS). Not only does it give visitors a 360 degree view of the town, but it does so in all the colours of the rainbow! Now, that colourful art indeed!
  • Enjoy The Local Culture :  Godsbanen is the district of theatres, workshops, design firms, markets, and even concerts. This district is always buzzing with activity almost all year round. There’s no better place to feel the pulse of the town than on the streets of Godsbanen.

Best Time To Go: ANYTIME

Aarhus is great to visit throughout the year, depending on what you want to do when you reach there. Summers are short, but there are cultural events all year round and you can also enjoy winters in Denmark, sipping hot cocoa in a small cozy cafe in Aarhus.

Where in the world:

Aarhus is located in the central Jutlands, in Denmark.

World Map - Aarhus, Denmark.jpg

Fun Fact: Midsummer – or midsommar – is one of the best times to be in Sweden, when young and old people get together to celebrate, either at large community events or smaller gatherings of friends and family. Everybody gets away from work early on midsommar, which falls on a Friday, and heads out to the beautiful countryside to celebrate in style. If you are not lucky and don’t have any friends in Umeå, who will invite you to celebrate with them, just head to one of the public celebrations which are held in parks and town squares around the city. Reach early - by midday - to make new friends, and celebrate in style.

Useful Information:

  • Language : Danish
  • Currency : Danish (DKK);
  • How to Get Around : Although taxis are available, like in most Danish towns, the best way to explore the town is by bike. Also, walking is a great option, as the streets are very much safe and within a few hours, you can cover most of Aarhus downtown.

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