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Wanderlist Discover: Budapest, Hungary

Wanderlist Discover: Budapest, Hungary

Nestled on the banks of the Danube, Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is an ancient city with a youthful vibe thanks to its popular music scene and trendy nightlife. Known as the “Paris of the East,” Budapest combines a rich history that stands out in its eclectic Art Nouveau architecture and sophisticated style that infuses everything from its shopping scene showcasing many up-and-coming Hungarian designers to its avant-garde cuisine that’s more than its native goulash. Tired travelers will welcome this city’s treasure trove of natural thermal baths that’s been on top of Budapest’s “Things to Do” since ancient Roman times.


  • Ruin Bars : A modern phenomenon in Budapest, which has seen several empty residential buildings converted into trendy, after-dark “ruin-bars”.
    • Try out : Ellato Kert, tucked away off Kazinczy Street, has an open courtyard which is the perfect place to sip some drinks on a summer evening.
  • Spas : The city is the spa-capital of Europe, with more thermal springs than any other capital city in the world. With a wide selection of public and private baths and medicinal spas, to avail from, visitors to the city will be spoilt for choice.
    • Try out : Gellert Bath. Co-ed, open all days of the week. Disabled-friendly. Offers mas sages, steam-baths, sauna and wave pool facilities
  • Culinary Delights : Although not as hyped as French or Italian cuisine, Hungarian cuisine is one of the most refined and sophisticated cuisines in the world. Enjoy the local food and excellent wine to make the most of your vacation in Budapest. Don’t miss out on the pork knuckle and stuffed cabbage, take our word for it.
    • Try out : Andante Borpatika. Enjoy some of the best Hungarian wines, along with select starters and appetisers.
  • Caves: Budapest is not only the capital of spas, it's also the capital of caves; with more than two hundred caves known underneath the Buda part of the town. It's the only capital in the whole world that has large caves underneath the streets and buildings. Plan on bringing warm clothes on your trip if you decide to go caving, as the temperature significantly drops in the caves.

Best Time To Go:

March to May and September to November

Budapest is at its best during spring (March to May) and early fall (September to November). The city blossoms with colorful spring flowers and oceans of green during the season, which runs March to May, when even a leisurely stroll becomes an eye-opening wonder. In fact, the city celebrates spring with the Budapest Spring Festival around the end of March into late April. Visitors will be entertained with a variety of cultural programs for all, including plays, symphonies, and art shows.

Where in the world:

Sitting by the Danube River, Budapest is in the heart of Central Hungary and is its capital city.

Fun Fact: Two cities, originally on opposite sides of the Danube, Buda and Pest, merged into Budapest.

Useful Information:

  • Language: Hungarian, English, and German
  • Currency: Hungarian Forints
  • Getting around: Getting around Budapest is easy with its wide-spanning public transportation system that includes buses, trams, and underground train (the Metro). Always purchase your ticket or pass before you board since the driver/conductor will not accept payment. Taxis in Budapest have yellow registration plates and are furnished with receipt printers that include your driver’s ID along with your fare. You can get lower rates by calling taxi companies directly. Most have English-speaking phone operators.
  • What to pack: Although called the “Paris of the East,” Budapest has a more relaxed dress code that encourages comfort. Be sure to pack swimwear even if you’re not thinking about visiting its world-famous spas. Like many visitors, you are sure to change your mind once there.
  • For the best view: Castle Hill is Budapest’s most breathtaking view and most visited area. You’ll find the Royal Palace here as well and both the Budapest History Museum and National Gallery inside it.

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