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Wanderlist Discover: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Wanderlist Discover: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is a vibrant metropolis that invites visitors to indulge in a heady combination of old world European charm and Latin American passion. Rivalling Paris for its cafes and nightlife, Buenos Aires begins to spin its romantic web on unsuspecting visitors with sneak peeks into its history as seen in the grand architecture and colourful murals that pepper the streets. Once you are craving for more, it entices you with culinary delights such as perfectly grilled juicy steaks, paired with the local Malbec wine, followed by a scoop of delectable dulche de leche helado that leave you totally satiated. And once you think you are going to relax for a bit, Buenos Aires completes the seduction with the master stroke : a vibrant night life that gives the city a completely different energy once the sun goes down. Whether you move on from one cafe to another, or just choose to stay put at the same club and dance the sensuous Tango, the steamy and evocative dance form popular all over the world, one thing is certain. Spend a night or even a few in Buenos Aires, and you’ll never be the same again. 


  • Centro Cultural Kirchner : Walking into the largest Cultural Centre in South America is like stepping back into time. The building has many original wooden desks, bureaus and even switchboards that give the place a timeless feel. Today, it plays host to live music sessions and even exhibitions by local and international artistes. If you really want to connect with the soul of Buenos Aires, take a few Tango classes here. They’re free!
  • Recolata Cemetary : Possibly the top attraction in Buenos Aires, this ‘City of the Dead’ is home to crypts and mausoleums that are the final resting place for illustrious corpses including past presidents, influential politicians and the rich and famous Argentinians. This is also the final resting place for the beloved Eva Peron, aka Evita, the wife of former President Juan Peron. Taking a walk along the impressive statues and tombs here, you can not help but imagine whether money and power in this life can guarantee one a better afterlife. 
  • The amazing nightlife : The nightlife in Buenos Aires is like nothing you have seen before. Grab a lovely dinner by 9.30 and head out to Palermo, Retiro and Las Canitas districts for a taste of the Buenos Aires party scene. If it’s the tango, that you fancy, head towards Almagro Many clubs, hip bars and craft breweries in Buenos Aires open up late, some as late as 2 am and stay open till the wee hours of the morning. 

Best Time To Go:

April to June (Fall) and September to December (Spring) 

Buenos Aires is abuzz with action the entire year, but to enjoy the city the most, make plans to visit in fall, from April to June, when the temperature is mild. Springtime - from September to December - is also a good time to visit. You can expect to catch some outdoor concerts in the summers, which last from January to early March. If you are a Tango lover, do look up the dates for the World Tango Festival which usually happens around the May - August period.  

Where in the world:

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, and one of the most popular tourist destinations in South America. Almost every aspect of the city exudes oomph and panache which just keeps making visitors come back for more.

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Fun Fact: Tango originated in the bordellos located in the working areas of Buenos Aires. According to legend, men waiting for ‘ladies of pleasure’ to become free passed their time by dancing with each other, which gave rise to modern Tango. Given its roots, it is no wonder that Tango is often described as “making love while standing up”.

Useful Information:

  • Language : Spanish, Italian (in some parts) and English
  • Currency : Argentinian Peso; 1 USD roughly equals 19 Argentinian Pesos
  • How to Get Around : The city is a flat, level city making walking an ideal form of transport. Bikes can also be hired for free, although they require registration. Most spots are well connected by bus or the sub-way, making it a very easy city to get around.


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