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Wanderlist Discover: Caracas, Venezuela

Wanderlist Discover: Caracas, Venezuela

The most important travel hub in Venezuela, Caracas is one of the most interesting cities in the country that often gets passed over as a tourist destination, due to its image as one of the most dangerous, overpopulated and chaotic cities in Latin America. However, as long as you practice basic safety precautions, you can safely enjoy the multiple options the city has for travellers, including adventure sports. This metropolis is located in a stunning location, at the foot of towering mountainous jungles of the National Park, and its quite a sight to watch the misty clouds descend down from the mountains in the morning. The colonial city centre, is surrounded by towering high-rises and is just one of the examples of the kind of opposites this city is famous for. The city is also famous for its nightlife, with several clubs tempting you to come inside for a drink and a dance. If you are looking to relax, just take a nice stroll around the town and check out the cultural artefacts shops and cafes located in former colonial homes. To get some of the best views of the city, take the cable car ride up to the mountains. They make for some excellent snaps for your Instagram feed.


  • El Teleferico in El Avila National Park: Get on the cable car, and head up to the peaks of Mount Avila, in El Avila National Park for the most spectacular views of the mountains and the city below. Visit the Avila Magica Park and shop for souvenirs.    

  • The Plaza Bolivar : The square marks the spot where the city was founded by Diego de Losada back in the mid 1500s. Today it is a commercial centre of the city, with several public buildings, and the municipal palace located nearby, which means that the area is always buzzing with energy.   

  • Botanical Gardens : The Jardin Botanicio, or Botanical Gardens of Caracas, was established around 1945, and has over 2000 types of native and imported plants, ferns and orchids. The beautiful gardens have over 200,000 trees and plants inside the premises. It’s a must visit for nature lovers.

Best Time To Go: December to may

Generally, December to May is the most recommended time to visit Caracas.

Where in the world:

Caracas is located in the northern part of Venezuela, close to the Caribbean.

World Map - Caracas.jpg

Fun Fact: In Venezuela, hyper-inflation has hit really bad. Basically, what it means that with as little as a 50$ in your pocket, you will feel like a millionaire, and will probably get access to some of the best things available in the country. For $5, you can have a fine dining meal in one of the swankiest restaurant in town. Adventure sports can cost anywhere between $5 - $10. In fact, for $1, you can buy almost 3 million litres of petrol! Beat that!

Useful Information:

  • Language : Spanish

  • Currency : Bolivar Soberano

  • How to Get Around : Taxis are available, but may not be the most safest option in a dangerous neighbourhood or in the night or late evenings. The city metro is a good and cheap alternate to get around. Metro buses also run from main metro stations to connect interior points in the city.

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