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Wanderlist Discover: Esperance, Australia

Wanderlist Discover: Esperance, Australia

The picturesque town of Esperance in Australia was once popular as the home to the bright bubble-gum coloured “Pink Lake” that stood out for their unique colour properties. Although,  the Spencer “Pink” Lake is no longer as pink as it once was, the town still has several other attractions for travellers. The western coast of Australia, and in particular the sugary beaches around Esperance have been long considered as some of the whitest beaches on the planet. The pristine coastal landscapes and the bushland in the national parks around Esperance have always attracted travellers to the region. The town offers several exciting activities for visitors, including some challenging walking trails, scenic drives from the beach into the countryside and even kangaroo spotting. For the more urban oriented, Esperance has a number of seafood restaurants, cosy cafes and authentic Australian pubs to help tourists soak in the local culture, one drink at a time!


  • Visit the Recherche Archipelago and nearby National Parks : Immerse yourself in nature as you snorkel off the shores of the Recherche Archipelago or view the stunning flora and fauna in Cape Le Grand National Park or Stokes National Park. If you love the nature, Esperance has plenty to offer. You may even catch a kangaroo at the beach in Cape Le Grand.

  • 15-meter high Wave : One of the tallest waves in all of Australia is probably the furthest from any ocean. Wave Rock is a naturally formed solid granite that appears to be cresting like a perfect wave. This spot is a must visit for the best Instagram images in the region.

  • The Australian Stonehenge : The only known full size replica of the mysterious structure found in England is in Western Australia, in an Aussie bloke’s backyard. Made of locally available pink granite, it will give you an idea, of how the original may have looked with all the missing pieces in position.

Best Time To Go: October to December

Although the temperate weather, can make Esperance a great place to visit any time of the year,  if you visit around end of October to early December, you are likely to get a glimpse of the local wildflowers and indulge in a bit of whale watching.

Where in the world:

Esperance is a quaint little sea-side town in Western Australia, about 8 hours drive away from Perth.

World Map - Esperance Australia.jpg

Fun Fact: The Pink Lake of Esperance got its colour thanks mainly to the presence of a particular type of algae that grows in the saline lake waters. Under specific conditions - the salinity of the lake is more than that of the neighbouring sea water, the temperature is high enough and the light conditions are just right - the algae start generating beta carotene, which is responsible for creating the unique colour of the lake. However, due to significantly reduced salinity in the lake, Spencer Lake near Esperance has no longer been pink for almost a decade. Due to the name, travellers often confuse it with Lake Hillier, which lies a few hours away from Lake Spencer, and is still very much pink. To avoid confusion, there has been a campaign around Esperance to get the town to ditch the name “Pink Lake” and resort back to the original name … Lake Spencer.
If you want to visit the “Pink Lake” in Western Australia, make sure you head to the right one!

Useful Information:

  • Language : English

  • Currency : Australian Dollar

  • Get Around : There are enough buses transferring passengers from the city centre to the suburbs and beaches. The city centre can also be covered on foot. To head further ou t, rent a car.

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