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Wanderlist Discover: Finnish Lapland, Finland

Wanderlist Discover: Finnish Lapland, Finland

The Finnish Lapland is a winter wonderland, filled with interesting contrasts, vast expanses of snowy wilderness and pristine lakes. This region is flooded with sunlight 24 hours of the day, for almost 3 months, and in a stark contrast, has no sun during the darkest winter months. However, whichever season you choose to travel to the Lapland, there is always something great to do and experience. It is the perfect holiday destination for all types of travellers : adventure lovers, romantic couples, families with children and even those seeking to be close to the natural wonders of the universe. You can see the most spectacular light show on the planet, the Aurora Borealis - also known as the Northern Lights - for almost 200 nights in a year. Once you have had your fill of stargazing into the dark skies, you can head out to the amazing ski resorts which offer powder enthusiasts a wide range of activities, including snowshoe walking, cross-country skiing, sled dog touring and even snow mobile racing. The Lapland also offers couples who want to get away from it all, numerous cozy hideouts to rekindle their romance, in the midst of snow-covered forests, under pastel skies. And as the official home to Santa Claus, families with kids can spend quality time together to find out the secret home of the jolly old man.


  • Watching The Aurora Borelias : In this land of extremes, the sun disappears for months, during the winter months. This is the perfect time to view the amazing Northern Lights, when the dark skies come alive with the magic of the Aurora Borelias. You can go out in the wilderness and book yourself a glass igloo or a glass cottage, and watch the amazing spectacle in the skies, right from the comfort of your bed. If thats a bit too extreme for you, you can always choose to stay in a hotel made entirely out of snow.

  • Visit Santa Claus : Santa Claus’s secret home is known to very few, and lies hidden in the mystic region of Korvatunturi. However, the Lapland is home to The Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, where visitors can meet St. Nicholas himself, every day of the week. All the mail sent in by good children from across the world finds its way here, and you can even visit Santa’s office to take a picture with him, perhaps on a sled pulled by reindeer. In 2010, Rovaniemi was formally declared as the Official Hometown of Santa Claus.

  • Go sledding with Rudolf : Santa Claus isn’t the only one who uses reindeers as his primary mode of transport. With so much snow everywhere you go, reindeer and husky driven sleds are the most people in Lapland, commonly use sleds driven by reindeer and even huskies to get around. Take a short excursion or go out sledding with the professional guides for days.  

Best Time To Go: october to march

For those brave enough to take on the Arctic winters, the period from late October to early March is one of the best times to visit the region, especially if you wish to see the Northern Lights.

Where in the world:

The Lapland lies in the northern parts of Finland.

World Map - Finnish Lapland.jpg

Fun Fact: With temperatures as low as -27oC, the winters of Lapland are so intense that boiling water turns to ice-cold vapour instantly. To get an amazing YouTube video or a truly Insta-worthy photograph, boil some water in a small saucepan while you are indoors, and step outside the house, and fling it into the air, to watch boiling water turn into ice instantly. Just make sure you test it with a small amount first to make sure you don’t burn yourself or somebody else.  

Useful Information:

  • Language : Finnish

  • Currency : Euro

  • How to Get Around : Most of Finland is well connected by a very good transport network, and the Lapland is no exception. Visitors can travel around by air, road, rail and water to get across the region. If you don’t want to drive yourself around, and find that the railways can’t take you to a particular destination, almost certainly the coaches will get you there. Many sightseeing destinations can also be accessed by cycle.

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