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Wanderlist Discover: Lake District, England

Wanderlist Discover: Lake District, England

The Lake District is one of the most visited tourist destination in England, thanks to its famous lakes, scenic landscape and picture postcard villages. The Lake District still holds the promise of an England from an era long past - quiet country lanes, inns clad with ivy creepers and a countryside filled with undulating pastoral grasslands as far as the eyes can see. The stunning scenery and the chance to connect with the great outdoors are probably the biggest reasons why so many visitors continue to visit the Lake District each year. But, in addition to its scenic beauty, the Lake District also stands out on the literary and artistic map of England, with several writers and artists - such as William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Beatrix Potter - having strong connections to the villages in the Lake District. Once you have completed exploring the natural and literary aspects of the Cumbrian countryside, you can relax in one of the numerous charming classic rural pubs dating back several hundred years, with a glass of locally brewed beer.


  • Walks on the English fells : The Lake District has hundreds of miles of paths connecting the lakes in the region that meander through the mountains (or fells). Paths are available for people with all fitness levels, so you can choose the right circuit for yourself, and enjoy a walk up to a waterfall or various peaks and valleys in the neighbourhood. While you can do most of the walks on your own, there are several local instructors who will also help you pick up rock climbing, mountain navigation or winter hill trekking.

  • Dove Cottage, Grasmere : A visit to Dove Cottage, the home of William and Dorothy Wordsworth for almost 8 years, where he wrote some of his best poetry is a must for any literary buff. The views of the lakes and the hills he must have had from the windows of his house are long gone, but a wealth of memories and nostalgia seems to lie in every corner of the house.

  • Enjoy the Farm Life : The Lake District offers visitors an excellent opportunity to see authentic country life at close quarters, by staying on a working farmhouse, that doubles up as a B&B. In many places, guests can join in the daily work of the farm, including feeding the animals or other simple routine chores.

Best Time To Go: early SPRING & late AUTUMN

Visit the Lake District around early spring or late autumn when the tourist spots are not overly crowded, so if you are looking for a relatively peaceful holiday, this is the time to go.

Where in the world:

The Lake District is nestled in the county of Cumbria, in England, between the industrial cities of Northwest England and the southern borders of Scotland.

World Map - Lake District, England.jpg

Fun Fact: Some of the most popular yearly events in the Cumbria region are the agricultural shows and sheep-dog trials that take place in the villages in the region. Attend one of the sheep-dog trials at Rydal or Patterdale, to watch border collies compete with each other, to round up sheep into pens according to the instructions of their owners.

Useful Information:

  • Language : English

  • Currency : British Pound

  • How to Get Around : People visiting the Lake District are encouraged to leave their cars outside, which is not a problem since the region is well covered by public transport. There are several bus operators within the Lake District that connect the lakes and nearby towns. Several towns situated on opposite ends of the vast lakes, especially Windermere, Consiton Water and Ullswater, are also connected by ferry or cruise services.

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