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Wanderlist Discover: Meteora, Greece

Wanderlist Discover: Meteora, Greece

Meteora is one of the most extraordinary places in Greece. The region is dotted with massive, sheer rock columns, that can best be described as miracles of nature. These gigantic rock formations, were created over 60 million years ago due to the massive earthquakes and weathering process. Around the late 14th century, many religious monasteries were built on these almost inaccessible rock formations. Today, there are only six functional monasteries, that are home to around 50 monks and nuns who live there. A pilgrimage for all Christians around the world, a visit to Meteora is a must, whether you are religious or not, if only for the most breathtaking views from almost all of Greece. It is truly one of the most serene and spiritual experiences you will ever have, and is guaranteed to overwhelm even the most stoic person.


  • Visits to the Monasteries :  Visiting the monasteries, either to seek a spiritual connect with a higher power, or just to marvel at the magnificent surroundings, is probably the most significant thing to do in this region. All six monasteries in Meteora are independent of each other, have their own opening and closing timings and also their own special significance. So make sure you do your homework beforehand. The Monastery of Agious Stefanos is the only all female monastery in Meteora. The Monastery of Agia Triada was one of the locations where the James Bond movie, “For Your Eyes Only” were shot.
  • The Museum of Natural History : This museum is about about 5 minutes from the Kalambaka town centre, and was created to showcase the natural history and importance of the Meteora region. It highlights several species of birds and mammals that have become extince or are under protection. The museum is a must for any nature lover.   
  • Rock Climbing : Meteora is one of the best places for people who are skilled at rock climbing. The routes for rock climbers can can vary in terms of hardships, and in peak season, it is not uncommon to see climbers hanging from climbing ropes and chains off the rocky peaks, making their way to the top

Best Time To Go: SPRING & AUTUMN

Spring and autumn are the best times to visit almost all parts of Greece, and the same goes for Meteora. Avoid winters, as the islands go into shutdown mode, from November to April. Visit Meteora, between around mid-June, in order to beat the summer crowds.

Where in the world:

Meteora is located on the northern side of Greece,  south of Greece’s loftiest mountain, Mt Olympus.

World Map - Meteora, Greece.jpg

Fun Fact: According to legend, the rocks were inhabited by a group of ascetic hermits who had developed amazing free-climbing skills, and who lived in the caves and fissues high above the ground. In the 14th century, a monk by the name of Athanasios was impressed by the hermits who lived here, and decided to build a monastery in this location. As a result, the Great Meteoron Monastery was built here. Meteora means ‘suspended in air’.

Useful Information:

  • Language : Greek
  • Currency : Euro
  • How to Get Around : Walking around Meteora, and taking the stairs by foot to reach the monasteries, is one of the best way to travel around in the region. Despite how hard it lo oks, it is not a very difficult hike, although it may take time.

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