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Wanderlist Discover: Newfoundland, Canada

Wanderlist Discover: Newfoundland, Canada

Newfoundland is a colourful and scenic island, where the journey to any popular attraction is often as spectacular as the destination itself. Home to the majestic Western Brook fjord, the rugged countryside and the blue arctic icebergs that surround Newfoundland could very easily convince you that you are in Iceland or Norway, instead of the North Americas. With over 29,000 kms of coastline and well preserved natural forests, Newfoundland offers almost everything that any traveller can hope for : great walking trails, protected park reserves, year round whale sightings, the chance to explore the continent’s first established Viking settlement. The relative remoteness of the region has kept Newfoundland off the radar of most tourists for many years and the maximum tourism Newfoundland experiences is from Canadians from the mainland itself. If you are looking for a wonderful time surrounded by vast scenic water vistas, without having to worry about sharing your sweet spot with a horde of other travellers, head to Newfoundland.


  • Whale watching : Each year, a large number of whales, including the mighty humpback, and dolphins come to Labrador to feed on the krill and squid in the coastal regions. If you visit during May to September, you can catch them quite close to the shorelines. There are several tour boat rides that take you out to the sea, where you can observe these magnificent creatures up close.     

  • St John’s and Cape Spear Lighthouse : St John’s is one of the oldest settled towns in North America, and was the first to respond to the distress signal of the Titanic in 1912. The historic Cape Spear Lighthouse is located about 12 kms from St. John’s, the capital of Newfoundland. Visit the lighthouse just before the break of dawn, and be the first person on the North American continent to catch the first sunlight to hit the eastern-most spot on the continent. The stunning oceanic vistas that will greet you at sunrise make it worth the effort to get up an such an unearthly hour.

  • Drink An Iceberg : Iceberg viewing is one of the great allure that draws tourists to Newfoundland. But, while you are here, don’t miss a chance to drink iceberg vodka. One of the biggest attractions in Newfoundland is a popular brand of vodka made from the sweet, clear blue waters that are harvested from icebergs around the region. To get to the water, these icy monoliths are shot at with rifles to break them down into 'smaller' chunks of ice. This broken chunks are pulled by tugboats into factories, for defrosting and further processing into vodka, or even simple icy ‘berg water.   

Best Time To Go: July to mid-august

The summer which lasts from July to mid-August is probably the best time to experience Newfoundland, although you may be able to get better deals in other months. If you love fall, October to early December is also a great time to visit.

Where in the world:

Newfoundland is a Canadian island, located just off the North American continent.

World Map - Newfoundland.jpg

Fun Fact: If you are up for it (no pun intended), you can visit the oddly-named town of Dildo, located on the eastern side of the island. The fun-loving townsfolk of Dildo are proud of their unique town name, and even host an annual festival called Dildo Days to honour it. In fact, Newfoundland is quite famous for locations with really quirky names. In addition to Dildo, you will find Come By Chance, Ass Rock and Conception Bay around this island. If you want to send your friends holiday selfies with hilariously named signboards, Newfoundland is the place to be.

Useful Information:

  • Language : English

  • Currency : Canadian Dollar

  • How to Get Around : You can either take a ferry from the mainland to get to the island, or fly. Getting around the island is relatively easy, but needs to be well planned out. Car rentals and ferry services  are available, but the demand is high, so book in advance.

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