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Wanderlist Discover: Nicaragua

Wanderlist Discover: Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a popular tropical destination for backpackers who want to escape the crowds.  It offers rich history, exotic Latin culture and a range of beautiful landscapes to uncover.

Wander through the picturesque colonial towns lined with pastel-painted buildings and join in on the local festivals fun. Relax by the coastline, dotted with sandy beaches and laid back surf towns. For those adventure seekers, there are plenty of activities this country offers from hiking up an active volcano (& volcano-boarding on the way down) to swimming through canyons and trekking through tropical rainforests.

Travelers of all kind fall in love with this undiscovered country.

Best time to go

Summer season from December to April to avoid the wet winter season.

Where in the world…

Largest country in Central America, bordered by Honduras to the North and Costa Rica to the South.

World Map - Nicaragua.jpg


Swimming through the Somoto Canyon, Nicaragua’s version of the Grand Canyon

Snorkeling off Corn Islands and Pearl Keys

Walk the streets of Granada’s old city charm

Trek Cerro Negro, an active volcano and board down the black sand slopes on a wooden sled

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