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Wanderlist Discover: Pag Island, Croatia

Wanderlist Discover: Pag Island, Croatia

A quiet spot till a decade ago, Pag Island in Croatia has become one of the most popular islands in the Adriatic Sea, thanks mainly to the growing popular of party destinations such as Zrće Beach and Novalja. The Ibiza-like party destinations have transformed parts of the island into Croatia’s premier open-air party spots, attracting young people from far and near to party the nights away. However, if the party scene is not what you are interested in, the charming island of Pag still has a lot to offer visitors. In sharp contrast to the party destinations, the rest of the island is perfect for a tranquil vacations filled with long relaxing treks along the rocky terrain and miles of coast. In fact, before it gained fame as a party spot, the crescent shaped island most popular for its traditional lacemaking and for producing paski sir, a distinctive local cheese made from sheep’s milk. The presence of a 15th century Church, an archeological site as well as the ruins of a Franciscan monastery makes this island a cultural treasure trove.


  • The Lost City of Caska : The Caska sea bed hides the legendary city of Ancient Caska, which was much like the famed lost city of Atlantis. According to legend, the city sank in the 4th century after a massive earthquake. The remains of the city have shown sewage systems and other architectural designs that possible pre-date it to Roman origins. This is a very popular tourist spot for history and adventure fans.   
  • Go ‘Mudding’ at Pag : The soil in the waters of Lokunja, which is a short walk away from Pag Town, is supposed to have healing powers that can help treat many skin and rheumatoid conditions. So, if you have any conditions that need treating, just head out to the beach, and lather yourself up in the smelly mud,    
  • Enjoy ‘Spring Break’ all summer  : To enjoy the party life of the Croatian Ibiza, head to Kalypso, one of the most popular, and oldest, nightspots at Zrće Beach. Every summer, Kalypso and other clubs on the Zrće beach, play host to some of the hottest festivals and international music events, featuring the best local and international DJs.  

Best Time To Go: JUNE to AUGUST

The summer months of June to August are probably the best months to visit Pag Island. If you are headed to Pag for the party destinations, you can visit in May as well, when Novalja is host to the summer food festival, filled with music, dance and drinks. June is when the local Summer Culture Festival highlights art exhibitions and performances by local artists and musicians.

Where in the world:

Pag Island, home to the Croatian towns of Pag Town and Novalja and a few other smaller villages, is the fifth largest island in the Croatian Coast, that has over 1200 islands.


Fun Fact: There is a specific triangle shaped land formation in the Pag Island countryside which has a special significance. The region is unique as the rocks located within the land formation are distinctly different from the stones in the surrounding area, outside the triangle. According to paranormal investigators and UFO-logists, this is because the spot was once the landing site for UFOs, which heated the rocks to an extremely high temperature, giving them their distinct composition. Since its discovery in 1991, more than half a million tourists have visited the spot to catch a glimpse of Croatia’s very own unexplainable Bermuda Triangle.

Useful Information:

  • Language : Croatian.
  • Currency : Croatian Kuna (HKR); 1 USD roughly equals 6.07 HRK.
  • How to Get Around : Getting to Pag Island is quite easy, as the island is connected to the mainland by a bridge on the southern side. You can take a bus from Zadar or Rijeka and cross the bridge and enter Pag. You can also get in from the north side using the island ferry. Once on the island, you can get around by hiring scooters from local rental shops.

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