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Wanderlist Discover: Treviso, Italy

Wanderlist Discover: Treviso, Italy

Treviso, one of the most charming towns in Italy, is most often overlooked by travellers for its more glamorous neighbouring city, Venice. Most visitors to Venice pass through Treviso airport, and generally believe that Treviso is nothing more than just that - a gateway to Venice. But the delightful Treviso is a historic city in its own right, complete with Renaissance squares, stunning churches and little by-lanes that criss-cross tiny canals, running besides even tinier gardens. Rebuilt and restored after suffering heavy damage in WWII, Treviso has risen to become a city of gorgeous canals and riverways. Unlike Venice, Treviso does not rely majorly on tourism and hence is not overrun with cheesy tourist spots all over the town selling hats and souvenirs, ensuring that the town still retains its authentic charm. Check out the historical sights from the 15th century, including the lovely Piazza dei Signori and the Palazz dei Trecento. For the foodies, the town is particularly important as it is believed that Prosecco wine and the sinful Italian dessert Tiramisu, both originated in Treviso.


  • Treviso Cathedral : Easily the most impressive structure in the town, this cathedral is located in the northern part of town, and is easily recognized with its five huge green domes. Inside the cathedral, there are some lovely frescos, as well as many stunning religions artworks. There is also a 11th century crypt beneath the church. Right beside the cathedral, is the Museo Diocesano, which contains relics & artefacts belonging to the church, as well as religious jewellery, sacred fabrics and archaeological finds from the region.

  • Canals : While the canals and water-ways of Venice overshadow those of Treviso, the canals in this little town are also quite historic and beautiful. The network of canals takes one right outside to the homes of local residents, many of who have a small dock outside their back gardens. Take a romantic walk with your partner at night, and enjoy an evening under the stars.

  • Enjoy the Main Squares : A walk along the main square of Piazza dei Signori is a must. You may be lucky to visit at the time of the local market, or when the square is prepared for a concert. From the Piazza dei Signori, you can amble towards San Vito Piazza which has many open air cafes. There is no better way to rejuvenate your batteries than sitting down in one of the open air cafes, and enjoying a gelato with a sip of coffee.

Best Time To Go: june to september

Treviso is nice all year round with the July & August as the hottest months. During the hottest months, the highs are regularly around 86°F (30°C) with temperatures rarely dropping below 68.3°F (20.2°C) at night.

Where in the world:

Treviso is one of the most charming towns in the Veneto region of north Italy, along the Adriatic Sea.

World Map - Treviso Italy.jpg

Fun Fact: This unassuming, colourful town is the birthplace of Luciano Benetton, the founder of the Benetton clothing line, and is home to the Benetton family as well as their flagship store.

Useful Information:

  • Language : Italian

  • Currency : Euro

  • How to Get Around : The best way to get around Traviso is on foot. Like in most other It alian towns, you can also rent a moped or a bike for a day at local rental shops.

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