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Wanderlist Discover: Umea, Sweden

Wanderlist Discover: Umea, Sweden

Umeå is one of those perfect destinations that seem to have it all within easy reach : a great coast lined up with beautiful beaches, four rivers that offer multiple options for adventure sports, tranquil countryside with impressive nature reserves, and a buzzing city life with trendy shopping, dining and sight-seeing opportunities to keep you busy for days. In the winters, you can learn more about the natives of Sweden, the Sami, when Umeå celebrates the Sami Week. Summers are packed with exciting dance, theatre and music events that bring in tourists from the rest of Sweden as well as other parts of the world. With so many things to do and explore with in and around the town, it’s no wonder Umeå was chosen as Europe’s Capital of Culture in 2014. Vibrant, friendly and creative, you can be assured that you will never be at a loss of things to do in this lovely Swedish town.


  • The Guitar Museum :  A must visit for any music lover, the vintage Guitar Museum has a world-class collection of electric guitars, basses and many other rock and roll accessories from the 1950s onwards. The guitars were collected by two brothers, and were privately held until the museum opened up a few years ago. There is also a record shop, a rock club and a restaurant in the same premises.
  • Holmön Islands  : Take a ferry from Norrfjärden to reach this wonderful island. Explore the magnificent countryside, or step into the Holmön Boat Museum, which showcases the history of the island. For a really special experience, sail in a traditional trading sloop to Stora Fjäderägg. If you like sunbathing, carry a picnic basket and bask in the sun on one of the rocks.
  • Visit one of the local farm shops : The local farms are often open for visits from tourists and offer everything from cheeses, jams, eggs, meats to home made ice-creams and chocolates. Just call them up before arriving, and confirm their timings so they are prepared to greet you.

Best Time To Go: May to JULY

May to July, is the best time to visit Umeå, in the summers, as that’s when the temperature is pleasant and when most Swedes are outside celebrating the Summer. Around Christmas, is also a good time to visit the town.  

Where in the world:

Umeå is located in Northern Sweden, close to the Ume River, and is the capital of the Västerbotten County.

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Fun Fact: Midsummer – or midsommar – is one of the best times to be in Sweden, when young and old people get together to celebrate, either at large community events or smaller gatherings of friends and family. Everybody gets away from work early on midsommar, which falls on a Friday, and heads out to the beautiful countryside to celebrate in style. If you are not lucky and don’t have any friends in Umeå, who will invite you to celebrate with them, just head to one of the public celebrations which are held in parks and town squares around the city. Reach early - by midday - to make new friends, and celebrate in style.

Useful Information:

  • Language : Swedish
  • Currency : Swedish Krona (MKD);
  • How to Get Around : Travelling within Umeå is very easy, as the local bus service is well connected. The region has over 220 kms of cycle paths, and renting cycles and returning them is quite easy, making cycling a very convenient mode of transport. Car rentals are also quite easy.

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