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10 Packing Tips to Help You Travel Like a Pro

10 Packing Tips to Help You Travel Like a Pro

From my backpacking adventures (anywhere from 2 days to up to 30 days), business and leisure travels, I’ve accumulated my favourite travel packing tips to help me save time, space and pack smarter

Here are the 10 travel packing tips I use every time I travel:


Save Time

1. Make a packing list to stay organized (we're creating a comprehensive one for you to use!)

  • This will help you save time on future trips and keep track of what you need to bring and ensure you don’t forget anything!

2. Keep your travel basics together in a bag

  • If you travel often, save time by keeping all of your travel essentials and basics in a backpack or travel pouch so you can save time when packing for your next trip. For me, this includes my toiletries, microfibre travel towel, and universal adaptor.

Save Space

3. Pack your socks and undergarments in your shoes

  • Pack as many socks and undergarments into your shoes as possible and then place shoes at the bottom of your bag/suitcase

4. Roll, don’t fold

  • Tightly roll all articles of clothing before packing them in your backpack or suitcase. It’ll save more room than folding and your clothes will be less prone to getting wrinkled in the process!

5. Use packing cubes

  • Using packing cubes will allow you to pack clothes more tightly together and compress them for more space
  • It will also allow you to organize your clothing by different articles of clothing (i.e. I like to pack bottoms in one, and tops in another)

6. Replace your regular towel with a microfibre travel towel

  • They are lightweight and more compact, allowing you tons of room compared to a regular towel! This is especially useful if you plan on staying at hostels or Airbnbs that don’t include towels.

Pack smart

7. Never check in essential items

  • Make sure important items are packed away in your carry-on and preferably a backpack or purse for easy access. If your suitcase was lost, what would you want to have with you?

8. Always bring ziploc bags or plastic bags to store your liquids, dirty clothes and shoes

Don’t forget to pack

9. Pack a scarf - they are multifunctional and versatile pieces that can be used in a million different ways and you will find yourself using it more than you expect on your trip

  • When I stayed at a hostel in Barcelona, they didn’t provide us with free blankets so I used my scarf as a blanket during the breezy nights
  • You can use it to spruce up an outfit, as a blanket on flights or as a pillow on train/bus rides

10. Buy a universal adaptor with USB ports

  • You’ll get more use out of a universal adaptor compared to a country specific adaptor. I like the ones with USB ports so you can charge multiple devices at a time

I hope these travel packing tips will help you save time, space and pack more efficiently on your next trip! I’d love to hear what some of your favorite travel packing tips are - leave a comment below!

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