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Top 12 Airport Hacks You Need to Know | Travel Wanderlist

12 Airport Hacks You Need to Know

These are my top 12 airport hacks to save time at the airport and make my airport experience more enjoyable.

  1. Check-in online if possible & head straight to security when you arrive at the airport

  2. Seat Selection: Never choose the seat in front of an emergency exit - you won’t be able to recline the seat because of the emergency exit behind you. If you are taller, the emergency exit seats will give you extra leg room. If not, I recommend not choosing the emergency exit seats because you can’t stow anything under the seat in front of you until after takeoff 

  3. Get Global Entry or NEXUS - Both of these trusted travelers program include TSA PreCheck which means you get to use a faster security line and use a separate and shorter customs line when entering back into Canada. To join, you will have to pay a $50 processing fee for NEXUS (for 5 years) or $100 fee for Global Entry, fill out an online application and go to an in-person interview.

  4. Wear slip on shoes and don’t wear a belt - this makes going through security 100x easier and faster. Make sure you are wearing socks so you don’t walk through security barefoot

  5. Keep a pre-packed travel toiletries bag at home and pack it at the top of your luggage so you don’t have to spend time finding all of the individual items when you are packing or looking for your bag when you go through security

  6. Always bring extra tote bags or shopping bags to pack extra things without paying overweight fees. On my way back from exchange, I was able to sneak in at least two large tote bags in additional to my carry-on luggage and purse (which was probably equivalent to another suitcase worth of items…)

  7. Pack a portable charger and all of your charging cables - you never know if your flight will be delayed

  8. Bring a book or kindle to keep yourself occupied - the airport wifi may not be strong enough to allow you to do anything other than check your emails and you never know how long you will be at the airport

  9. Change your computer’s clock for more Wifi - it’s rumoured that if an airport offers free wifi for an hour, you can change your computer’s clock back one hour to get two hours of free wifi. We’ve never tried this so if you have, let us know in the comments whether or not it has worked for you!

  10. Bring your own snacks and empty water bottle - especially if you are someone who likes to eat healthy snacks, wants to avoid paying expensive prices for food and drinks or is unsure if your airline will offer snacks or meals (a lot of budget airlines will not offer food during flight)

  11. Pack noise cancelling headphones or earplugs if you are a light sleeper or for any crying babies on your flight

  12. Always pack a scarf or sweater - Airports and planes can get very cold so use them as a blanket when you fly. You could also use both as a makeshift pillow or eye mask.

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