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Solo Travel: How to Overcome Loneliness and Boredom on Solo Travel | Travel Wanderlist

How to Overcome Loneliness and Boredom on Solo Travel

It’s the morning of the long-awaited day and everything is in place. The excitement that comes with traveling to someplace new is indescribable. The boredom that comes with the journey is probably the least anticipated part. Not to mention the loneliness that is bound to creep in at some point in your trip.

Yes, you can easily get bored of traveling and even start to question if the trip was a good idea. Here are a few ideas to kill the boredom and loneliness and avoid ruining your trip.

While aboard the plane/bus/train;

  • Music: An excellent way to pass the time would be to listen and sing along to your favorite songs; we can all agree that music is indeed soothing.
  • Window Seat: Occupying a window seat gives you the chance to enjoy the landscape and soak in the beauty that is nature.
  • Sleeping: The most common alternative, however, is to catch up on some sleep. Not only will this leave you rested and refreshed, but your destination will feel like just a few minutes or hours away.
  • Entertainment: Watch your favorite shows, play some video games, read a book, etc. This also applies to the period during your trip. There is a misconception that traveling should only involve sightseeing or doing things that are out of the norm. You can always sneak in some time to do your day to day activities such laundry, sleep, catch up with friends and family, etc. This gives you a ‘homely’ feeling.

Planning and Being Spontaneous

Prior research on the area you plan to visit, is a good start to formulating a to-do list. This will help you manage your trip expectations and make the most of your time. It is also a great opportunity for you to explore your curiosity since ultimately, you have the last word. As much as a list may come in handy, some randomness may make up the best part of your trip. A mix of the two should spice up your trip and keep you engaged all through.


Psychologists suggest writing down your feelings and emotions as a healthy outlet which makes you happier. A travel diary is an awesome idea to keep track of the places you have visited, memorable experiences, and the not so pleasant ones.

Make New Friends

Traveling should not only involve sightseeing but also meeting new people and making new friends. The exciting part about making new friends is learning about each other. This can take hours, even days. You can strike up conversations on the plane, bus, cafe, hotels, practically anywhere. It is a quick fix to your despair, and you might actually bag a companion for your trip.

If you consider yourself a shy person, you could start by talking to people whose job description requires them to talk back. These are tour guides, bartenders, waitresses, etc. This should give you a confidence boost. Fight the urge to get on the internet and instead strive to connect with real-life people.

Blend in with the Culture

If your trip takes you to a destination with a different culture, there is no better way to enjoy yourself than immerse yourself fully in the culture. Get to explore their history, traditions, practices, cuisines, etc. Their stories will be nothing short of enchanting and enlightening because it's a whole new experience.

Share your Experiences with Friends and Family

Occasionally sharing your experiences with friends and family will make you feel less lonely. If anything, their excitement about your experiences should clear their doubts about the trip being a regrettable decision.

Sense of Purpose

Have an idea of what you aim to achieve with your trip. Do you want to learn about the country, take pictures, blog, step out of your comfort zone and face some fears you might have? An objective will enable you to focus on your end-desired results and hopefully keep boredom at bay.

Despite the boredom and loneliness that may arise, traveling on your own is an exhilarating experience. You get to plan things around your schedule and do what you want without seeking a second opinion. That way, you create a spectacular experience unique to yourself only. Not having a kindred spirit on your trip should not deter you from having the time of your life.

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