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How to Pack Effectively for a Long Trip

How to Pack Effectively for a Long Trip

When you pack for a long journey, you have to take into consideration all possibilities to reduce the volume of your baggage. In case you do not do this, you will have to pay extra fees at the airport and you will spend precious time worrying about your suitcases.

The most important pieces of advice:    

  • Make a list
  • Do not forget to check the state of relevant documents such as passports, visas, IDs or medical insurance
  • Pack several days in advance
  • Choose carefully your clothes and shoes

If you wrap your garments in a hurry, you are likely to forget vital things. Too much haste and a wonderful adventure can turn into ashes.

Tips on how to make a packing list

Organized people already know that lists are the best “ally” when planning a holiday. To avoid headaches when preparing for your next amazing journey, you should:

  • Divide a piece of paper into two columns: in column No.1, write all the items that are absolutely necessary for your stay, in column No.2, write the items that you would like to take but are not essential
  • Jot down tasks as specific not as general actions
  • Calculate the volume/capacity of your suitcase (s) or your rucksack
  • Do not forget to cut off from the list the objects as you arrange them in your case (s)

It is paramount to have a positive attitude towards lists. They are not instruments of torture but helpers which make all actions less complicated and more effective.

Tips on how to pack travel documents and money

Precious objects must not be put in the checked baggage because this might vanish forever. Even if you have an insurance and you receive compensation for all your lost property, a sum of money can hardly replace a beloved family jewel.

In order to assure the safety of your most valuable items, you should:

  • Hide cash and credit cards in two or three different locations
  • Make photocopies of your ID/passports, medical insurance, plane tickets and keep the originals in a separate compartment of your hand baggage
  • Scan your documents and save them in your mobile phone or email
  • Buy a neck security pouch, a jacket with hidden pockets, a waist money belt or a leg pocket if you plan to visit some really dangerous sites
  • Make room in your cabin bag for your laptop, USB stick, tablet, camera, smartphone, adapters, and rechargers
  • Purchase a high-quality anti-theft backpack to use while going on tours
  • Make a careful selection of what you have in your wallet; local library cards or gym memberships are of no use when you are a thousand miles away from home

Wherever you are, remember to be cautious. Pickpockets are not choosy when it comes to “job location”. They operate with the same efficiency in both flee-markets and luxurious restaurants.

Tips on what garments to put in your baggage

The golden rule applied to packing vacation clothes is: resist the temptation to take too many of them! Other recommendations worth considering are:   

  • Choose black or nude footwear because it suits various patterns and styles; make sure that your shoes are suitable for the areas you indent to explore; this means NO to high-heeled sandals on mountain paths or even worse inside caves (for the ladies)
  • Pick clothes and accessories that have similar shades and nuances in order to combine them easily and obtain a new outfit every day
  • Select items that do not need ironing and are made of resistant fabrics
  • Opt for versatile garments that can be worn both for breakfast and dinner
  • Avoid eccentric apparel; a fancy dress (for the ladies) or shirt (for the gens) is perfect for a night out in a classy restaurant  

The content of your suitcase will differ according to the season or the specific climate of your holiday destination.

So, do not forget your swimming suit and sunglasses if your itinerary includes stops in hot, exotic regions.

Umbrellas and raincoats are a must when visiting countries famous for their changing, rainy, and windy climate.

Goggles, mufflers, and gloves should be in your backpack if your wanders take you to slopes covered in snow.

Tips on how to use every inch of your suitcase

Even for longer journeys, a valise and a small cabin bag are more than enough. There a few tricks that veteran globetrotters know and use in order to travel light.

  • Roll cotton clothes and wrap the ones which have a more rigid texture
  • Most people use plastic bags to protect the content of their suitcase from the “not-so-clean” soles of their footwear; a better idea is to utilize a shower cap as it saves lots of space
  • Arrange everything in categories: blouses, T-shirts, trousers – thus, you will immediately find what want, without displaying the content of your baggage in a crowded airport or a railway station
  • Always place the most useful things on top of those that are less important
  • Use self-sealing bags with a zipper for the transportation of liquid substances such as shampoo, shower gel, perfume or toothpaste; however, you do not have to carry too many of these toiletries since you can buy them when you arrive at your destination unless your objective is to reach a very remote area

Advice for Men on How to Fold Formal Attire

If somewhere on your way, you have to attend a business meeting or a presentation you will need an impeccable shirt. Roll the belt of your trousers so as to fit inside the shirt collar. In this manner, the margins of the collar will not have unaesthetic creases.    

As for the business jacket or suit, the best solution is to find a dry-cleaner which provides ironing services. You can try the ones offered by hotels, but they are pretty expensive.

Advice for Chic Ladies

In case you cannot spend several days/weeks without your favorite makeup products, do not take the whole beauty kit with you.

Take small amounts of foundation, moisturizer cream or body lotion and transfer them into very small recipients such as:

  • Contact lenses boxes
  • Empty and small medicine vials
  • Eye drops tube for the toothpaste

Take promotional sachets to economize space.

Tips on how to pack your medicine

Medicine has to be well-protected while traveling. The essentials (antihistamines, insulin injections) must be put in the cabin bag. Take your recipe with you in case the authorities want to see it.

Also have in view to:

  • preserve all tablets and pills in their original recipients
  • secure syrup and gels in a zip log pouch
  • tell the security agent about the medicinal liquids in your handbag

ATTENTION! Medical marijuana, even the one prescribed by a doctor must be left behind. It can cause lots of troubles at the airport or in the countries with very strict laws against any type of drug possession.

Last but not least: do not leave at home your positive attitude, desire to explore, and willingness to know everything about the new cultures you will encounter. Where to pack them? In your soul, mind, and heart.

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