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How to stay fit while on the road

How to stay fit while on the road

So, you have finally decided to hit the road and one of your biggest fears is how to keep fit while travelling? Well, no need to worry that much, as long as you are determined to make it happen. Inner strength, actual body workout and of course healthy eating habits, is what it takes. Let’s check out how you can remain healthy and active while on the move.

Staying fit while on the road

1. Right attitude towards fitness

Undoubtedly, your best of discipline gets challenged when you are on the road. Sometimes, it’s rather hard to stick to a daily routine; too much travelling, changing ‘homes’ and habits might be frustrating. How many times you’ve been mad at yourself for returning home a few pounds heavier? Perhaps it’s time to change that. With a bit of mind-training, everything is possible. Start by constantly reminding yourself  that there is only benefit from staying fit. Then, take action by carrying your workout gear and running shoes wherever you go. No excuses.

2. Start walking

No matter where you decide to land for your next adventure, make walking your priority. Really, by walking you get to hit two birds with one stone: exercising and sightseeing. What’s better than exploring a new place by discovering on foot all these beautiful hidden alleys? Don’t be afraid to walk by yourself; usually, locals will point out dangerous or suspicious neighborhoods.

Hiking and trekking are two more intense options, but equally enjoyable. When you arrive in a place, ask around to see if there are any particular hiking trails to follow. This should be on your list, especially when in third world countries, where normally your workout choices are limited. A bit of nature is always attractive.

3. Local recreation activities

Found yourself wandering in the beautiful far east and started feeling bored? Why not trying some judo (sumo requires more than extra pounds) in Japan or some qigong in China? You don’t have to become a devoted student, but exercising ‘locally’ will keep your blood flowing and increase the chances of making local friends. You will be amazed by the endless options one may have when visiting a new place. Anywhere in the world. From windsurfing at Australian coasts to snorkelling in exotic Zanzibar, the sky is the limit. Get out there and start dancing.

4. Cycling

Cycling is one of those activities that you can find almost everywhere. Asides from being a great way to exercise, it can also take you to places within short distances. Usually it costs very little and it doesn’t require any special equipment or expertise. Riding a bike around a city or in the countryside at your own pace, is quite appealing, isn’t it?

5. Gym or workout improvisation

Not my cup of tea, but for those who enjoy it, a gym is often quite easy to find, mainly in big cities. You may even arrange for a membership card provided you know the length of your stay. Plus, many hotels do have gyms in their premises.

Workout improvisation, as the name suggests itself, may include your hotel room, a park, a car garage or anything else you find available. You basically make the world your playground. For this one, though, you might need some extra discipline, as you are usually on your own (unless you have a travel buddy). For indoors, get some help from the furniture in your hotel room and do your best. Or try some yoga or pilates, as many hotels often offer such classes. A healthy mind in a healthy body 

6. Stay hydrated

I know it’s a tired old tip, but we can’t avoid stressing out the need for it. Especially in very hot climates, never underestimate the necessity of water. Carrying a bottle of it wherever you go isn’t such a big deal. If you’re not a fan of plain water, add some fruit for flavour or have some juice so you remain hydrated.

7. Healthy eating habits

Exercise along isn’t enough to keep you in shape. You’ll see more results if you adopt a balanced and health diet while you’re traveling.

Look for protein-based food options, either from animal or legume sources. Then you need plenty of vegetables, especially the green ones which contain much needed nutrients; your best ally. Of course, fruits and nuts should be fearlessly consumed when available. And don’t forget to eat yogurt from time to time, as it is a great PH regulator. As you see, you don’t have to starve to death to achieve the desired results. Enjoy a ‘bad’ meal as much as you enjoy a ‘good’ one.

8. Get enough sleep

Last but definitely not least is your sleeping routine. Naturally, it’s not easy to maintain it when travelling. No doubt you will have your nights out or endless hours on a bus journey, thus your sleep will be disrupted. Try to always replenish the lost sleep whenever possible. A good sleep will recharge your batteries and keep you going.

‘Everything in moderation’

To sum it up, the right balance is the key. A moderate exercise together with a normal diet will bring the desired results. Take care of your body as you only have one, and this one gets you going. It will never abandon you unless you abandon it first. Go wild one day, next day make up for it. 


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