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Boracay Travel Guide: What to Do in Boracay, Philippines | Wanderlist Travel

Boracay, Philippines Travel Guide: Top Things to Do and See in Philippines

A beauty that illuminates beyond its famed turquoise waters and calming white sands, Boracay is one of the many beautiful islands in the Philippines that can give you a glimpse of heaven on earth. Considered as the world’s top destination for winter escape, Boracay is a fascinating fusion of relaxing island living, exhilarating outdoor fun and invigorating nightlife. These are the best features of Boracay that will completely charm your quest for the unknown.

Boracay Activities

  • Go island hopping. There are lots of legit tour agencies scattered along the beach stretch, so no need to book ahead because you can schedule your tour a night before or even on the same morning. Island hopping starts as early as 7 AM.

  • Explore the vibrant marine life through scuba diving. Some of the resorts that offer a peek of the underwater animation are Calypso Beach & Dive Resort, DiveGurus Boracay, and WaterColors Boracay Dive Resort.

  • Unleash your inner aquatic vibe. With the help of the PMSA or Philippine Mermaid Swimming, you can now suit up your colorful tail and live the mermaid fantasy.

  • Experience the calming paraw sailing at sunset. Before dusk, plenty of white boats with bright blue sails dock along the shoreline. It is recommended to negotiate with the boat captain directly to get a lower price.

  • Don’t miss the flyfish, banana boat and helmet diving. These popular water activities are offered by tour agencies in package.

  • Rent a kiteboard or surfboard from Kitesurfing & Windsurfing School in Boracay, Isla Kitesurfing School or Ocean Republic Kitesurfing Center.

  • Defy the water activities and try ATV riding going to Mount Luho.

  • Cliff dive your worries away at Ariel’s Point.

  • Do the GMAX extreme reverse bungee.

  • Visit the lively Boracay Pub Crawl, known for its youthful and vibrant ambiance.

  • Relax at the ultimate chill pill in Station 2, Chill Out Bar.

Shopping Treats

  • If you want to have a unique shopping experience, then head on to D’ Talipapa located in Station 2, where plenty of local stalls are in full display. There you can find almost everything under the sunㅡ from travel essentials to souvenirs to tasty treats.

  • D’ Mall is another busy spot day and night as it is the island’s open-air mall. The place also features artisanal pieces and colorful fabrics called sarong. There are heaps of restos too.

  • Plazoleta isn’t the largest but it’s definitely a must-visit if you have a thing for handcrafted items and jewelry.

  • Don’t forget to bargain!

Food and Refreshments

  • Boracay is a foodie’s haven! Thanks to the array of restaurants that offer a wide range of cuisines, plus breathtaking sea views. Of course, D’ Talipapa Market tops the pick, while some runner-ups are Sunny Side Cafe, Happy Home, Lemoni Cafe and Restaurant, District Boracay’s Star Lounge, Dos Mestizos, Spider House Resort, and Aplaya the Beach Bar.

  • If you want something unique and unrefined, Boracay Toilet Restaurant is for you.

  • D’ Talipapa Market offers the ultimate seafood dining experience. Buy your preferred fresh and live seafood from the wet market then proceed to any local restaurant to have it cooked in any menu you want!

  • Try the bestseller drinks from Jonah’s Fruit Shake, ranging from the refreshingly sweet mango shake to the sensational avocado and banana mix.

Easy and Useful Tips

  • The island is full packed during summer, particularly during the last week of April to the first week of May because of the yearly Laboracayㅡ the biggest summer festival in the island held every May 1.

  • The locals are well-versed when it comes to speaking English but it would definitely surprise them if you can say a couple of Filipino greetings like ‘Magandang Araw’ or ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Salamat’ or Thank You’.

  • Philippine Peso is the main currency used in the island so it’s best to exchange your money ahead, although there are a lot of money changers and ATM all over the place.

  • The prices aren’t really outrageous and most of the tour packages for water activities are of the same rates.

  • The local government has implemented liquor and smoking ban near the beach areas, public places, and river bank. Follow rules accordingly.

Fast Facts

  • Boracay is small island in the province of Aklan that caters at least 1.5 million visitors every year.

  • In term of resorts and hotels, the island is partitioned into three different stationsㅡ Station 1 for the elite travellers, Station 2 for the mid-ranged wanderers and Station 3 for the budget backpackers. Take note: All of these stations provide same crystalline waters and milky white sands!

  • Station 2 is the hub for gastronomes, souvenir-lovers and pub-crawlers.

  • The island is recognized, not just for its long stretch of powdery beaches, but also for its vibrant nightlife.

  • Aside from beach bumming, there are seriously heaps of exciting things to do in Boracayㅡ from exhilarating water activities to extreme outdoor adventures.


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