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Buenos Aires Travel Guide: What to Do & Where to Eat in Buenos Aires, Argentina | Wanderlist Travel

Buenos Aires, Argentina Travel Guide: Top Things to Do and See in Argentina

Buenos Aires is often referred to as Paris of South America. The city is a fusion between European elegance and Latin American flair - you’ll be sure to fall in love with the colonial architecture, standout steakhouses and Malbec and the passionate tango culture

Buenos Aires by Neighbourhood

  • Palermo: Shop the boutiques and embrace cafe culture in Palermo

  • La Boca: Visit La Boca, Buenos Aires’ most colourful neighbourhood

  • San Telmo: Lined with charming antique shops

  • Recoleta: The most affluent barrio in Buenos Aires with great historical and architectural interest

  • Puerto Madero: Waterside promenade home to skyscrapers and brick warehouses converted into homes, offices and restaurants

What to do

  • Walking Tour: Start with a walking tour to get a feel for the city

  • Recoleta Cemetery: Wander around Recoleta Cemetery with close to 5,000 elaborate above-ground mausoleums for Argentina’s most celebrated and wealthy

    • It’s most famous as the last resting place of First Lady Maria Eva Duarte de Peron, or Evita

    • The cemetery opened in 1822 and spans four city blocks.

  • San Telmo Street Market: Rummaging through the stalls of the San Telmo Street Market on Sunday from 10 am - 4 p m

  • Buenos Aires Street Art: Appreciate in the best of Buenos Aires street art. The abundance of abandoned buildings make the perfect canvases for local and international street artists.

  • Tango Culture: Immerse yourself in Tango Culture by taking a tango lesson or watching a show

    • Take tango lessons

      • La Viruta

      • La Catedral

      • Confitería Ideal

    • Practice tango skills at La Catedral de Tango

    • Watch a tango show at:

      • La Ventana

      • Piazzolla Tango

      • Señor Tango

      • Madero Tango

      • Tango Porteño

    • Tip: Some tango shows offer tango classes before the show

  • Day Trip To Tigre: Take a daytrip getaway to the green countryside of the Tigre Delta

  • Uruguay: Hop on a ferry into Uruguay

  • El Ateneo Grand Splendid: Peruse the collection of books in El Ateneo Grand Splendid, one of the world’s most beautiful bookstores situated in an old theatre

  • Jardin Japonés de Buenos Aires: Enjoy the serene garden, the largest Japanese garden outside of Japan

  • Visit Casa Rosada: a pink-hued palace which houses the offices of Argentina’s president


Argentinian Specialities

  • Parrilla, a steakhouse that specializes in grilled meats

  • Dine at a “closed-door” restaurant

  • Empanadas

  • Steak with chimichurri

  • Malbec

  • Real Mate (bitter tea)

  • Alfajores - the two brands Havaana or Cachafaz are the best

  • Medialunas, sweet crescent rolls

  • Dulce de leche - by itself or as an ice cream flavour!

  • Fernet and coke - a popular cocktail choice

Where to eat

  • Steakhouses

    • Don Julio - my favourite steakhouse with perfectly seared prime cuts sourced from grass-fed cattle. Don’t forget to order the mashed potato with the steak

    • Parrilla Peña - remains one of the last standing authentic bodegones in Buenos Aires

    • Al Carbon

  • Restaurants

    • Casa SaltShaker - a ‘closed door’ restaurant offering a unique social and dining experience with 10 guests at a shared table in Dan & Henry’s home. This was my favourite dining experience in Buenos Aires. What a great way to meet new people while enjoying a wonderfully prepared meal with wine pairings.

    • Aramburu - amazing 17 course dinner $115 per person ($170 with wine pairing). Tip: Pay in cash for 10% discount

    • Casa Coupage - underground restaurant with focus on wine tasting

    • Tegui - Contemporary Argentine tasting menu. Tegui is rated the best restaurant in Argentina and 10th in Latin America on The World’s 50 Best.

    • El Obrero - You’ll find steak, Spanish and Italian dishes at this jam-packed family run restaurant. Try: fried squid rings, homemade pasta and dulce de leche pancakes

    • Mishiguene by chef Tomas Kalika - Unique twists on Jewish cuisine

    • Peron Peron - for great soul food

  • Bakery / Casual Eats

    • Salvaje Bakery - collection of freshly baked bread and sweets

    • Ol Days - perfect morning stop for coffee, Acai bowls and smoothies

    • Chori - for a choripan (chorizo and layers of herb-packed chimichurri sauce) after a night out

    • Pizzeria Guerrin

    • El Banco Rojo

  • Burger Places:

    • Burger Joint (Palermo)

    • Pony Line (Recoleta)

    • Mi Barrio Hamburguesería (Palermo)

    • Tierra de Nadie (Caballito)

    • Paris Burger (San Nicolas)

  • Where to grab coffee

    • Cafe Tortoni - Opening in the 1800s, it is the oldest cafe in Buenos Aires.

    • Ninina

    • Cafe Registrado

    • LAB

    • Lattente

    • Varela Varelita

    • Los Galgos

Where to drink

  • Craft Beer Houses

    • 1516 Cervecería (Palermo)

    • Temple Bar - The House (Palermo)

    • Buller Bar (Recoleta)

    • La Birrería (Puerto Madero)

    • Dársena (Palermo)

    • Maldini (Recoleta)

    • Antares (Palermo)

    • On Tap (Retiro)

    • Growlers (Palermo)

  • Cocktail / Speakeasy Bars

    • Floreria Atlantico (Retiro/ Recoleta - speakeasy) - One of the world’s best (speakeasy) bars hidden a florist and wine shop

    • Victoria Brown (Palermo - speakeasy) - Stylish steampunk cocktail bar hidden behind wall

    • J.W. Bradley (Palermo - speakeasy) - Prepare to take a “train” to get into this speakeasy

    • 878 (Palermo - speakeasy) - The city’s first speakeasy behind an unmarked door on a quiet street

    • The Harrison Speakeasy (Palermo - speakeasy) - A members only bar hidden behind the chic sushi joint Nicky Harrison. If you don’t know a member, go to the restaurant for dinner in your best attire and your waiter might invite you to “visit the cellar” at the end.

    • Uptown (Palermo - speakeasy) - A recreation of the New York Subway. Go down the stairs to enter a turnstile and get on the train. Hit

    • Cenas Pasionaries (Palermo - speakeasy) - An antique lover’s dream by day and an intimate bar by night. You can choose to bring your own wine and pay a corkage fee or purchase wine while listening to the different live acts.

    • Verne Club (Palermo) - A gentleman’s club-style cocktail lounge Inspired by author Jules Verne

    • Boticario (Palermo) - Design after an old-school pharmacy

    • Presidente Bar (Recoleta)

    • Soria (Palermo)

    • Sheldon Bar (Palermo - live music)

    • Parque Bar (Palermo)

    • Skybar (retiro - cool terrace)

  • Wine Tasting:

    • Pain et Vin in Palermo Soho - tasting include history lesson on Argentina’s wine roots, heavy pours, cheese and famous sourdough bread

Useful Information

  • Language: Spanish

  • Currency: Peso

  • Tipping: Not mandatory but appreciated. Locals usually tip 10 - 15%

  • Best time to visit: Fall (March - May) or Spring (September to November)

  • Transportation:

    • Public Transportation: Buenos Aires has great public transportation. You can buy tickets on the bus or a prepaid card called SUBE

    • Taxis: There are plenty of taxis in the city and they are generally pretty inexpensive

    • Walking: It’s fairly easily to walk around to all the neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires

  • Prepare to eat late - locals usually start dining from 8 - 10 pm

Interesting Facts

  • Buenos Aires is the birthplace of tango - and it originated in brothels

  • Buenos Aires has more bookstores per capita than any other city

  • It’s the city with the most football stadiums. The most famous is La Bombonera, home to Boca Juniors

  • The city has the widest avenue in the world - Avenida 9 de Julio

  • Buenos Aires is one of the few major cities with a neighbourhood (Puerto Madero) where most streets are named after women


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