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6 day Croatia Itinerary: Top Things to Do in Split, Hvar, Dubrovnik

Let's go to: Croatia (Split, Hvar, Dubrovnik)

Croatia offers a unique combination of all the things I love most: breathtaking natural beauty, hidden gems (and numerous hidden swimming holes!), delicious seafood, magnificent old city history and architecture and lots and lots of sun!


  • You will recognize many of the landmarks and scenery in Croatia from Game of Thrones!

  • Game of Thrones’ Kings Landing takes place in Dubrovnik

  • Croatia has 1246 islands, isles and inlets for you to sail through

  • Almost 10% of Croatia is made up of 11 nature parks, 8 national parks and 2 nature reserves

  • Croatia enjoys 2,715 hours of sunshine a year

  • Zlatni rat beach changes in shape and colour depending on the wind


  • Language: Croatia

  • Currency: Croatian Kuna

  • Tipping: Bills in restaurants include a service charge, but it is common to round up as a tip.

  • Best time to visit: High season from July to August; Shoulder season from May-June and September

  • Transportation: Book ferries and buses once you land in Croatia.

    • The transportation around Croatia is pretty difficult to search up and figure out especially since many websites don’t have the most up to date information or easy to navigate interface.


  • My itinerary: Split (2 days/1night) - Hvar (1 day/1 night) - Dubrovnik (3 days/3 night)

    • Getting around:

      • Flew into Split airport and took the bus to the city center

      • Ferry from Split to Hvar (booked in Split)

      • Ferry from Hvar to Split and then bus to Dubrovnik (booked in Split)

  • Other sample itineraries

    • Split-Hvar Town (Hvar)- Jelsa (Hvar)-Bol(Brac)-Split

    • Zagreb-Plitvice-Zadar-Trogir-SPlit

    • Split-Hvar-Korcula-Dubrovnik

    • Dubrovnik-Makarska-Brac-SPlit

    • Pula-Rijeka-Novalja(Pag)-Zadar

What to do & see

Split, Croatia

  • Explore the old city of Split

    • Climb up the Bell Tower - this is not for the faint of heart as there are might flights of wobbly metal staircases to go up the Bell Tower.

    • Diocletian's palace

    • Get lost in the winding alleyways

  • Climb up Marjan hill for a great view overlooking the city

  • Relax on the Riva. Grab a seat at a cafe and enjoy the evening

  • Half day trip to visit Krka National Park

    • What to do:

      • Take a dip in the water. Don’t forget to bring a towel and bathing suit!

      • Hike around the park

      • Go for a picnic in the park

    • We chose Krka National Park over Plitvice National Park for a number of reasons:

      • Plitvice a full day trip vs Krka, a half day trip and given our short time in Split, we chose Krka

      • Swimming is forbidden in Plitvice but you are able to swim in Krka

Hvar, Croatia

  • Rent a boat for the day and drive to Palmižana

    • Palmižana is a small uninhabited village on the Croatian island of Sveti Klement

    • Grab a chair at one of the Lounge bars (we went to Laganini) and enjoy the sun and some drinks

    • Boat rental cost: around 60 euros

  • Hike up the Hvar Fortress for a great view of the city

  • Going Out: Carpe Diem Beach Club, Hula Hula Beach Club

Dubrovnik, Croatia

  • Explore the ancient city

    • Walk the Ancient City Walls and look down on the crowds

      • Late afternoon is the best time, away from the heat of the day

    • Find the hidden bars located at the bottom of the city walls - Cafe Bar Bard or Buza Bar

      • The bar is located on the rocks overlooking the beautiful sea

      • Bring your swimsuits to do some cliff diving into the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea

    • Explore the Old Town

    • Relax and slip inside the Franciscan Monastery where you’ll find some shade in the stunning, and hidden courtyard garden.

  • Go on a kayak tour on the Adriatic Sea

    • Start from the city beach and head to a secluded beach only accessible by boat and then around Lokrum island

    • Useful information:

      • There are many kayaking companies available - it’s best to book one once you are outside the City Walls

      • All companies should provide you with a small waterproof container for your camera and cell phone and a large waterproof container for all other items


Carolyn Chen has done two backpacking trips around Europe and spent six months studying abroad in Italy. She loves finding the most beautiful scenery, hidden gems and indulging in great food. 

Follow her adventures on Instagram: @carolynjxchen

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