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Amman, Jordan - Top Things to Do and See in Jordan | Wanderlist Travel

Amman, Jordan Travel Guide: Top Things to Do and See in Jordan

Jordan's capital city, Amman, is surrounded by Ancient Roman ruins, museums that cover Jordan’s history from the stone age to the modern day, booming souks and cafes.The city is known for its hospitality and the generosity of the locals and their open nature. You need not worry about your safety as Amman is very safe due to its modern developments.  

What to do  

  • If you are interested in learning about Jordan culture and history while surrounded by breathtaking galleries that are beautifully designed, Jordan museum is the place to visit as it is rich in displays that date back to the ancient period.
  • Discover Rainbow street which is Amman's shopping and art region while enjoying one of the best falafels in the country.It is the best place to visit at night with free parking, and you can have a walk while enjoying the great food and pleasant atmosphere.
  • The Roman amphitheater is the best place to relive history and the highlight of most tourists, and if you are lucky, you will catch a show and feel how it was in the old times.
  • Sitting on the highest hill in Amman, The Citadel is the best place to visit to experience the best view of the city and to take great pictures.
  • Car lovers will enjoy a visit Royal automobile museum which features both classic and modern automobile displays. Every car in the museum has its own story to tell. This is any car lovers paradise.
  • The children's museum is the excellent place for tourists who have children as there are so many exciting and fun activities such as brick building and dress up games. Young adults and teenagers can enjoy fun science performances. It should, however, be noted that unaccompanied children are not permitted.

Where to eat

  • Haret Jdoudna restaurant serves Mediterranean and middle eastern cuisines and has a variety of vegetarian dishes to choose from that come is a beautiful picture perfect setting. Their meal moutabal is one of the most sought after as they make it to perfection.
  • For a Jordanian cuisine experience, dine at Sufra restaurant which has a great atmosphere, and the prices are fair. You can enjoy grilled meat platter also known as Mashawi. A few delicious meals in the restaurant are lahmeh,jaj and kufta for the meat lovers.
  • Best known for its quality of service, Fakhreldin Restaurant is one of the top restaurants to eat in Amman. It is widely known for its delicious Lebanese food such as the kababs.
  • Hashem restaurant is the best place for falafel. It is located in the downtown area and has delicious yet inexpensive meal options for everyone.
  • The best place to have Italian food in the city if you want to escape the middle eastern cuisine is Romero restaurant which has a great ambiance and mouth-watering pasta meals.

Where to shop

  • If you are one who loves shopping Mecca mall is just the place to be. It has everything under one roof, from famous brands to unique stores.
  • Al Balad is great for souvenirs that you can bargain. Variety of shops around to choose from with unbeatable prices.
  • Handmade crafts made by locals can be found in Souk Jara, a traditional marketplace where everything is unique.
  • Taj mall is an upscale mall that is child-friendly. You can access a variety of stores and great cafes.

If you have time

  • Visit Petra, the rose city, which is a two-hour drive from Amman. It is one of Jordan's most visited places, and nothing can prepare you for its magnificent beauty. Entrance to the city is through a narrow canyon known as Siq.
  • Visit the dead sea and experience been at the lowest point on earth. Float away on the salty water and try the mud mask that is popular for giving you soft skin after.
  • Visit Aqaba which is about three hours away from Amman. The city of the Red Sea offers a lot of adrenaline activities. Enjoy scuba and snorkeling and bask the day away at the south beach.


  • Location: Amman, Jordan is located in the Middle East, bordered by Syria, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Palestine and Iraq.
  • Best time to go: The best time to visit Amman is between March-May. During this time, the weather is warm during the day and cool at night throughout the country.
  • Language: Arabic is the nation's official language, but English is spoken in the country as well.
  • Currency: Jordan uses Jordanian Dinar as their official currency, but dollars are accepted in some parts of Jordan.
  • Getting around: There is public transport, but it is mostly for locals. The best way to get around is to either rent a car or use a taxi.
  • Dress code: Although Jordan is not too strict on dress code, you are advised to dress decently and avoid revealing clothes. You are not required to wear a headscarf.
  • Fun Fact: Amman was once called Philadelphia, named after Ptolemy Philadelphus who rebuilt the city.


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