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The Brunch Edition - The Ultimate Guide of Where to Eat & Drink in Toronto | Wanderlist Travel

The Brunch Edition - The Ultimate Guide of Where to Eat & Drink in Toronto

The Best Brunch Spots in Toronto 

  • Mildred's Temple Kitchen ($$) - My favourite brunch place in the city. Try: Veda's choice, blueberry buttermilk pancake , or Huevos Monty and don't forget the Caesar
  • Emma's Country Kitchen ($$) - Try: The Classic breakfast, pumpkin pancake and Emma's benny
  • Lady Marmalade ($$) - Try: Huevos Migas, Eggs Benny with brie, avocado and bacon in hollandaise sauce
  • School Restaurant ($$) - Try: Super Cheesy French Toast, Buttermilk pancakes or Bacon Cheddar Burger with a House Caesar
  • Aunties and Uncles ($$) - Try: breakfast taco or scrambled egg tacos served with potatoes or salad
  • Saving Grace ($$) - Try: French toast topped with caramelized bananas and Espressado (espressado + avocado) shakes
  • The Federal ($$) - Try: Cubano, the Four Guys Burger, French toast & Foie Gras, Moroccan Pancake
  • White Brick Kitchen ($$) - Try: Scotch-ish eggs, beef-bacon Caesar, chicken
  • Beast Restaurant ($$) - Try: beastwich, Challah french toast, gnocchi poutine, homemade donuts
  • Lisa Marie ($$) - Try: double pancake pork burger, pad thai fries, fried cornish hen & corn bread waffles, eggs benny
  • Mitzi's Cafe ($$) - Try: omelettes and French toast, poached eggs
  • Chadwick's ($$) - Try: built your own Benny, Finnish pancakes, beef brisket hash
  • Easy Restaurant ($$) - Try: soft boiled eggs, Huevos Divorciados, Mexican Rider
  • Maha's restaurant ($$) - Try: Turkish coffee, The Cairo Classic, Egyptian Falafel
  • Farmhouse Tavern ($$) - Try: burger with duck egg or The Mother and Child
  • Starving Artist ($$) - Try: waffles (potato waffles)
  • Luna Cafe ($$) - Try: salmon eggs Benedict
  • The Westerly ($$) - Try: creme brulee French toast, eggs benny (over cheddar biscuits), lemon ricotta fritters
  • Parts & Labour ($$) - Try: schnitzel breakfast sandwiches, steel cut oats with fruit or pork belly
  • Bonjour Brioche ($$) - Try: Baguettes, Quiche and Croque Madam

Most Insta-Worthy Brunch Spots in Toronto

Come for the decor but stay for the delicious brunch options

  • Wish ($$) - All white rustic decor with a cute indoor patio area. Try: Florentine Benedict. Tip: Make a reservation beforehand
  • Early Bird Coffee & Kitchen ($$) - Clean white brick walls and hardwood table tops make for the perfect backdrop for the picture perfect green and pink food arrangements. Try: sliced avocado toast arranged in a rose on top, Eggs Benny
  • Portland Variety ($$) - Charming European space filled with natural light and accented with blue and white plates and cups. Try: Egg with patatas braves
  • Sud Forno ($$) - Keep your eyes on the tiled floor for the classic ‘Amore’ photo spot - Try: Bombalones (cream or chocolate hazelnut filled doughnuts). Note: This is more of a grab and go bakery with amazing coffee but they also do brunch.
  • Baddies ($$) - Exposed white brick walls with benches / bleachers for you to hang out with your friends. Try: Hot Cakes. Tip: If you want the hot cakes, get here early because they sell out quickly!
  • Cafe Cancan ($$$) - French bistro with soft romantic pastel decor. Try: Bread Pudding French Toast
  • La Palma ($$$) - This cool California-inspired space is filled with large windows, dreamy blue wallpaper and marble table tops. Try: Baked Egg


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