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Nice, France - Top Things to Do and See in Nice | Wanderlist Travel

Nice, France Travel Guide: Top Things to Do and See in Nice

Nice is an amazing city located in the south of France. It is the largest city of French Riviera. This is where this coast got its name Côte d'Azur in French and as soon as you get here you will know why. Anyone who visits Nice says that it has a distinct charm and that it is different from other cities in the French Riviera. Best time to come here is in the beginning of the summer or late spring. Blue colour of the Mediterranean Sea here is something out of this world, it is a colour for itself. Fun fact is that people in Nice have their own dialect of French called Niçard.


  • Nice has one of the most amazing seaside walkways in Europe called Promenade des Anglais. This is where your tour of this beautiful city should start and end. It is a seven kilometre bend where you can see so many people all year round, tourists, smiling couples, joggers, street artists, etc.

  • On the east side of the city you have an amazing viewpoint where you will enjoy some of the greatest panoramas that this part of France offers. Azure sea and this beautiful city is a sight for sore eyes. You should take your time here, sit on the benches in park and relax.

  • Nice also has an old quarter where the market is. Small streets with different shops, restaurants, beautiful old colourful buildings and houses are a place where you should wander of and have fun. Enjoy every step you take here, it is almost certain you will have a time of your life.

  • City has few parks where you can spend your time and enjoy with your friends, drink wine or beer, eat amazing pastry and chill. For example Phoenix park where you can enjoy both flora and fauna.

  • Nice has an amazing pebble beach which is great for you to relax or when it is hot, to go for a swim and sunbathe. Note that in the summer peak it can be awfully crowded.

  • Flower market is something you shouldn’t avoid. So many colours, smells and nice people you can talk to, and also you can be romantic if you are on a vacation with your loved one and buy flowers, you have so many to choose from, but that is up to you to decide.

  • Carnaval de Nice: If you come here in the end of February you will enjoy Carnaval de Nice. It is a two week carnival dating almost 700 years back in the past. Main attractions are battles of flowers and ceremonial burning of the carnival king on the promenade.

  • Negresco Hotel: There are many landmarks in Nice, one of them is famous Negresco hotel. The story about the man Henri Negresco is amazing. I will leave a hint for you to explore further, Negresco worked as a gigolo one period of his life. Nice has few good museums if you have time and you should visit cities Cathedral for sure.


  • There are many restaurant and delis in Nice you can choose from. Of course it depends on what you love to eat. My suggestion is restaurant La Storia, it is a classic restaurant where you can eat pasta and pizza and similar dishes.

  • If you are an ice cream lover than you should definitely go to Finnochio’s , so many flavours to choose from.

  • You have to try French pastry here, it is delicious. My suggestion is to try cream pastry, napoleon cake and lemon tart.

  • French are famous for their wine, that is all I will tell you, rest is up to you.


  • If you want to go out here there are many bars you can visit, even though cities like Nice are more for 'late dinner and a bottle of wine’ type of a night out.

  • Suggestions are: Puzzle bar, La Volume, Wayne’s bar (best cocktails) and Beer district.

  • There are few homosexual (gay) clubs here as well.


  • Avoid season peaks.

  • Enjoy local food.

  • You can shop here, there are many boutiques, but my suggestion is to do some other activities because Nice is not cheap at all.

  • You can see almost everything by foot, but I suggest using public transportation rather than renting a bike because it can get complicated if you do not speak fluent French.


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