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Sinop, Turkey - Top Things to Do and See in Sinop | Wanderlist Travel

Sinop, Turkey Travel Guide: Top Things to Do and See in Sinop

The dark waters of the Black Sea and the sheltered, natural harbor have attracted people to Sinop since 800 BC. Conquerors of different nationalities came, spoiled everything and went away. In spite of them, Sinop survived and now is waiting for curious travelers to discover its mysteries.

A Hurried Traveler’s Must-See and Do List

  • Lots of tourists’ first stop is at Tarihi Sinop Cezaevi – a former prison which was turned into a museum in 1999; Turkish poets and intellectuals executed their penalties here.
  • The Alaaddin Mosque (built in the 13th century) is located right in the center of the peninsula; the quiet, rectangular interior and the tranquil garden are its main features.
    • Useful Advice and Tips:
      • Do not enter the mosque with your shoes on
      • Keep silent and respect all rituals
      • Entrance is free
  • The Sinop Archaeological Museum illustrates the tumultuous history of the place, which included Roman domination, Persian, Arab and Mongol invasions, and attacks from the Imperial Russian Navy.
    • Useful Advice and Tips:
      • Ticket Price – 5 Turkish Liras
      • 2 hours to visit
  • Parvane Medresesi (built in 1262) used to be a seminar; at present, you can buy souvenirs here or enjoy a cup of coffee.
  • The Sinop Castle offers a glimpse into the town’s medieval past.
    • Useful Advice and Tips
      • Excellent panoramic view of the town
      • Varying opening hours
  • Take pictures near the Statue of Diogenes.
  • Admire the Fortification Walls which reach 30 m height in certain areas.
  • Stroll along the active harbor, talk to the local fishermen and discover the secrets of their trade.
  • Do what the locals do – drink a cup of tea.

An Explorer’s List to Sinop

  • Spend a few hours in Pasha Bastion with its display of cannons, weapons and chilly cellars.
  • Do not miss the Inceburun Lighthouse – you cannot go inside, but the view of the Black Sea is fantastic.
  • Visit the underground Historic Water Tunnel.
  • Plan a short trip to Erfelek Tatlica Selaleleri Tabiat Park where the series of 28 waterfalls are the perfect background for stunning holiday pictures.
  • Book a seat on the Rustic Tour Boat and enjoy the savage beauty of the Black Sea coastline.
  • Take a flashlight and a pair of boots to explore the ruins and the deserted town under the Boyabat Castle.
  • Go for a swim near Karakum – the water is not very warm, but the beach covered with black sand is impressive.

What and Where to Eat in Sinop

Food to try

  • Baked, fried or grilled, the silvery Anchovy is present in all Sinop restaurants.
  • Manti consists of dumplings filled with minced meat and covered with walnuts, yogurt, and melted butter; at Teyze’nin Yeri Manti Salonu the portions are huge in size and the Manti too delicious to care about your silhouette.
  • A real treat for your taste buds is Nokul with its spiral form all covered in sesame seeds.
  • For breakfast, you can have Katlama (a fried pastry) with cheese, jam or minced meat.
  • A slice of Ekmek with honey and butter is a nutritious alternative to start your day.
  • Meze are appetizer-like snacks served before main dishes.


  • One of the best eating places in Sinop is Okyanus Balik Evi; fish dishes dominated the menu and the cornbread is a delicacy in itself.
  • Alakart Restaurant has an elegant interior design and a spacious terrace with a splendid view of the sea; the menu offers a wide variety of seafood dishes.
  • Mangal is a barbecue restaurant where you can order manti and delicious grilled chicken or fish.
  • Experience the Trabzon area cuisine at Tarihi Sebat Lokantasi; most dishes are meat based so a vegan has few choices here.
  • Taka Café is a nice place to rest after a visit to Sinop Castle.
  • Indulge in baklava, ice-cream, and pastries at Dolunay Pastaneleri.


  • Forget about your diet!
  • Traditional Turkish Coffee on Sand is strong, so have it with a glass of water.

Where to Have Fun in the Evening

  • Kale Burç Cafe Bar is a stylish café with a picturesque view of the city.
  • The Penthouse is located right on the rooftop of Zinos Hotel.
  • You can find a relaxed atmosphere and good, live music at Kulis Club.

What to Buy

  • Wooden ship models, embroidered linen
  • Culinary souvenirs: fruit leather with walnuts and honey or jars of sesame paste with honey

How to get to Sinop

  • By plane – there is a direct flight between Ataturk Airport (Istanbul) and Sinop.
  • By bus from Ankara, Istanbul, Aksaray, Karabuk, Samsun and Kastamonu to Sinop bus station.
  • By car – privately owned or rented. 
    • It is difficult to find a parking place in summer.

Travel Tips for a Pleasant Stay

  • Citizens of certain countries need a visa to enter the Turkish territory; so, before planning your trip to Sinop, make sure you have all the necessary papers.
  • Be diplomatic when discussing politics and religion.
  • Official language - Turkish.
  • Local currency – the Turkish Lira, but Euros are also accepted.
    • Credit card payment is possible almost everywhere, but you should have some cash in your wallet.
  • Tipping usually represents 5 to 10% of your bill.
  • Best time to visit: spring, early summer, and early autumn.
  • Wi-fi Internet is available in cafes, restaurants and accommodation facilities.
  • The electricity standard in Sinop is 220 volts/50 Hz and the plugs are round – when you make your luggage, check if you need an adapter or a converter.

Useful Turkish Phrases:

  • Günaydın! = Good morning!
  • Tünaydın! = Good afternoon!
  • İyi akşamlar! = Good evening!
  • İyi günler! = Have a nice day!
  • Tanıştığımıza memnun oldum = Nice to meet you!
  • Lütfen = Please
  • Teşekkürler = Thank you!
  • Çok sevdim! = I like it a lot!
  • Anlamadım = I don’t understand!
  • Afiyet olsun! = Enjoy your meal!
  • Ne kadar? = How much is this?

Interesting Facts that Make Sinop Unique

  • Sinop the capital city of the Sinop region.
  • It is the most northern point of Anatolia Peninsula.
  • The legend says that the Amazon Queen Sinope or Sinova was the one who gave the city its name.
  • Sinop is the birthplace of the ancient philosopher Diogenes who urged people to live a simple life and used to sleep in a barrel.
  • There are few traffic lights in the city and most people choose to walk rather than drive.
  • Hamsilos Fjord – the only one in Turkey- is located at 11 kilometers away from Sinop.


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