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Vevey, Switzerland - Top Things to Do and See in Switzerland | Wanderlist Travel

Vevey, Switzerland Travel Guide: Top Things to Do and See in Switzerland

Vevey in Switzerland is a resort city that shot into prominence by virtue of being the home of Nestlé chocolates. However, the Britishers have been coming to this place since the 19th century. Situated right at the foot of Mount Pelerin, Vevey is right at the center of the famous Lavaux vineyards. The town had assumed strategic importance during the Middle Ages when it was recognized as an important trading post in the route from Piedmont to Burgundy. Today its importance lies in the fact that it is home to the global headquarters of the world’s #1 ranked FMCG company, NESTLÉ (founded in 1867).

Did you know?

  • The iconic Milk Chocolate was invented right here in Vevey way back in 1875 by Daniel Peter.     
  • The quaint little town of Vevey is famous for being the final home of the legendary comedian Charlie Chaplin and his family members from 1952 to 1977.
  • Vevey is home to as many as 14 Swiss heritage sites that has profound national important.
  • The Vevey Folk Market is a pretty large market that takes place on the mornings of Tuesday and Saturday. It is a very popular market and receives around 2000 visitors each Saturday. One can watch the traditional Swiss craftsmen, listen to Swiss folk music and/or buy a wine-glass drink and drink.
  • The building of Alimentarium was previously used as the management headquarters of Nestle, the chocolate company.

What to do

  • Vevey is one of those towns in Europe that is just perfect for long walks. The Old Town is full of interesting bars and restaurants and it is real treat to walk past them in the early evening. Walking on the streets of Vevey is an enriching experience gone are those days when you would expect to come across stalwarts like Victor Hugo.  
  • Learn more about health and nutrition at the Vevey Alimentarium. It is the 1st museum in the world that is fully dedicated to nutrition. You will learn all about food, participate in a cooking workshop and even learn how to plant a vegetable garden.
  • Do check out the scenic vineyard slopes of the Wine Road. This is a 12 km long route and en route you can sample the local food and Swiss wine. The Wine Road is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007.
  • Try the Train des Etoiles while you are in Vevey. Yes, you might think that Vevey is only about trains. After all there is a funicular railway system from Chardonne to Mont-Pelerin and yet another between Blonay & Chamby. Train des Etoiles connects Pleiades with a sports resort and it runs every day and every hour of the day. The ascent is very steep; so if you have vertigo then you can stay away from it.

Where to Eat

  • If you want to try out French cuisine in Vevey then you should try out Ze Fork. Located on Rue du Léman, the restaurant serves delectable French dishes at fairly affordable rates. The average price of the dishes is around CHF 60.
  • Craving for some Indian food in Vevey? Well, come straight to Restaurant Kashmir where you get Indian delicacies including Tandoori items.
  • If you want to try something as different as horse-meat fillets, then you should come down to Le Mazot. Located in the Old Town, this small restaurant specializes in local delicacies.

Where to Drink

  • Le Charly’s is the best place to have a glass of chilled beer in summer. Located just outside the main town square, this is an excellent place to have dinner by the lakeside. The food and service is excellent and the whole surroundings look beautiful with the tables placed outside, just overlooking the lake.
  • Located on Rue du Lac, Le Cafe bio is yet another place where you can have your favorite drinks with salad and cake. It is a very small and cozy place but, surprisingly, the most visited cafe in Vevey.

Where to Shop

  • Vevey is not particularly famous for its shopping options and the only mall in the town is MANOR. It is reasonably large and houses almost all the major brands across the world.
  • There is one shopping outlet that deserves special mention - O’Coeur des Reves. It is a very cute looking shop and the owner is very nice and helpful. The clothes are very young looking and they fit well.


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