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Hong Kong Travel Guide: What to Do & See in Hong Kong

Let's travel to: Hong Kong

Hong Kong has both city life and rural retreats. There is always such a bustle but also such a calm and that is part of why I love it so much. No matter what style of traveler you are, Hong Kong has something for you.

Useful Information

  • Learn the transit system (The MTR) it will be your lifeline to the city
  • Walk where you can, but get good shoes
  • Always bring hand sanitizer
  • Always bring a hair elastic
  • Get an Octopus card if you are staying for longer than 2 weeks
  • Don’t let the sales men on the streets fool you, the good shopping is not with them

What to do

  • Go to The Peak just before it gets dark, look at the view, go eat dinner at The Peak Restaurant and then come see the view at night, so amazing.
  • The Buddha, it is so relaxing and so interesting and there is plenty to do once you get there. Take the Nong Ping cable car up, such an amazing view.
  • Pink Dolphins, need I say more.
  • Ocean Park is fun but make sure to go when it isn’t super hot, it’s a long day and just like in Canada, water is expensive inside the park.
  • Take advantage of all the different types of candy! From British to Japanese, Hong Kong has bits of everything from all over the world and it is all incredible.
  • The Happy Valley Horse Track! Spend a bit extra and go to The Stable Bend Terrace. The dinner is included in the price of your ticket along with free beer and wine. Up on the terrace gives a great view of the horses and a great way to pre-drink before heading out for a night on the town
  • Make your way over to Discovery Bay. It has some of the best restaurants in the world and is easily accessible by train, bus, cab or ferry!
  • While in Discovery Bay or DB, take a hike over to Mui Woo. Mui Woo has incredible beaches, amazing fresh seafood and the best Turkish restaurant I’ve ever been to in my life. The hike over is about 2 hours and it is filled with amazing views, and the end result is great beer with great food.
  • If you’re in the market for jewelry, look no further than Marianne’s! Marianne is a lovely lady who owns and operates this tiny store. It is located in TST (can find this on your MTR map) and she has great products and will likely feed you beer and wine while you try and make a decision about just what you want to get from her amazing collection.
  • The Jade Market. Proceed with caution as these women are eager for sales and are not above pulling you. BUT, it is so much fun and they will give you a good price if you negotiate with them.
  • The Ladies Market! This place is SO MUCH FUN. Everything you could ever imagine is in this market. This is the place of the good shopping. Mostly knock offs and knick-knacks but such a great experience and you can make some great friends. Go see my scarf guy and he will give you cashmere pashmina scarfs for $5 Canadian.
  • High Tea at the Peninsula Hotel. Such an elegant afternoon and the tea and snacks are delicious and insanely filling.
  • The Flower Market. It is exactly what is says, a market full of flowers. Smells amazing and the bunches are filled with flowers. Definitely a good bang for your buck, and oh so pretty!

What to eat

  • From my experience in Hong Kong, try everything once. There are THOUSANDS of restaurants and some of the best curry I’ve ever had was from a hole in the wall with three lawn chairs.
  • Go to the Turkish restaurant in Mui Woo.
  • When in DB, go to the Mexican and Thai places. SO DELICIOUS
  • Rat Alley, is right downtown and it is again full of lawn chairs and tarps but the food is incredible.
  • Handi Indian food is the best Indian food I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. The owner Gill is such a friendly man and provides the best for his customers. Their house wine is also fantastic.
  • Melody Thai food is right beside Handi! Definitely need to make two separate trips to try these places but definitely worth it. If you like spicy, get the Papaya salad.

Where to shop

  • The ladies market if you’re looking for inexpensive and lots of variety
  • Harbour City mall is actually 5 malls in one but it has everything from American Eagle to Louboutin.
  • IFC mall is right in central and very easily accessible. It has a two-story Apple store and a Lululemon!
  • Elements mall has the basics but it has amazing burgers at Triple O’s, an indoor skating rink and The Grand movie theater with sweet or salty popcorn!
  • Tsing Yi mall is a great place for clothes as most of it’s store are pretty affordable such as Zara. This is also the mall with a great Marks and Spencer’s food section which means lots and lots of British candy.

Where to go out

  • Lan Quai Fong, is really all you need to know. It’s an entire strip of bars and great people and even 7-11’s where you can buy vodka and sit on the sidewalk if you’d like. If you make it, there is Wan Chai where people go as sort of an after party.
  • While you’re down in LQF, make sure to drop in at a bar called Stormies and get yourself (and a friend) a fishbowl to SHARE, seriously share, they are huge. My favourite is called Sex with the Bartender.

That’s all I’ve got. This list can’t begin to do Hong Kong justice but it is such an amazing experience and I urge everyone to go there because it is the best city.

List by: Emily Arnold

Hi, I’m Emily Arnold. Hong Kong has held a special place in my heart for seven years now and it is just the most incredible city. I am a resident of Hong Kong now and that was my initial reason for traveling there but now my desire to travel there is based fully on a love and appreciation for the culture and the vast variety of people, places and food!

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