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Ibiza Travel Guide: What to Do & Where to Party in Ibiza, Spain | Wanderlist Travel

Let's party in Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza was the craziest, strangest experience I have had in a long time. I would compare it to being on a different planet – people are just in a different frame of mind here. No worries, just good vibes. An island of mystery and play.

Getting here

  • Nearly all airlines fly here from Europe/UK, including the budget ones - RyanAir, EasyJet and Vueling

  • Ferries are another alternative

    • We caught one here as we were visiting Mallorca, a nearby island

Best time to go

  • Ibiza is clearly made for the summer months, with clubs opening their doors from May – September. It is important as well to check the official schedule to see who is playing where on what night before you make plans – I was devastated I missed seeing Aoki’s Playhouse because I didn’t think he would be playing on a Monday night – Duh, it’s Ibiza! Monday night is the best night!

Where to Party

  • Space:

    • I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of Space, the infamous club notoriously known for throwing outrageous, insanely crazy parties. The night we went here the ‘main room’ was house themed, with each dancer cooped up in their own ‘room’ centre stage. There were inflatable toys galore, and stilt walkers floating through the crowd. I wish I could have shown you my snapchat story from this night!

  • Pacha:

    • Another infamous club in Ibiza. You know, the one with the cherries? Pascha is well known for securing the best resident DJS over the summer. Last year we attended David Guetta’s resident party which was a heap of fun. I am excited to see who is headlining this year! Pascha is a MUST!

  • Privilege:

    • The biggest club in the entire world! Featuring a DJ booth over a swimming pool, trapeze artists and naked girls dancing in oversized cocktail glasses. Naice. This is the club to go to just to experience your surroundings, it’s truly something you will never forget. Only in Ibiza.

  • Beautiful People Boat Party

    • How does unlimited alcohol, food, jet-ski rides and partying on a boat all day sound? This was a day filled with FUN and laughter with my friends, and I would 100% do this again! The boat also takes you to the beautiful island of Formentera as well. Bonus! From 2-9pm daily.

How to get tickets

  • You can either order your tickets online, or wait until you get there to get an idea of what parties are on. We did a mixture of both, and it worked well. Walking around Ibiza town and along the beach people are selling tickets to anything and everything, so don’t panic – tickets are so easy to find! We paid anywhere from €30 €80 per ticket, be prepared to spend big.

Additional Advice

  • As always, be careful with your drinking/partying and don’t over do it, especially in a foreign place. There are a few creepos around in Ibiza Town, keep your wits about you! Have FUN!

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List by: Hayley Elder

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