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Denmark Travel Guide: Things To Do in Copenhagen, Denmark

Let's travel to Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a quiet, peaceful and sustainable city. The bicycle capital of the world and the birthplace of Lego, visit Copenhagen for a relaxing Scandinavian getaway featuring world-class restaurants and leading Scandinavian design.

What to do

  • Take a stroll at Nyhavn - the picturesque ‘Venice’ area with colorful houses
  • Visit the Tarnet Tower for a free view of the city
  • Rosenborg Castle: a small castle with a serene, well-kept garden space, good for a relaxing morning. The castle requires admission fee, good for history fans interested in crown jewels and furniture.
  • Tivoli Gardens: a whimsical old-style amusement park with gardens
  • Shopping at Stroget Street: the main shopping street filled with designer brands
  • Harbour Bath: too cold to swim but a nice boardwalk area to relax
  • Little Mermaid: a little statue representing the birthplace of this fairytale

What to eat

Copenhagen is infamous for being the most expensive city in Europe, but there are options ranging from high end fine dining, mid-range food markets and budget-friendly convenience stores and supermarkets.

  • Restaurants:
    • Host: fit for foodies, a unique gastronomic experience featuring local New Nordic flavours (325-425 kr/person)
    • Kødbyens Fiskebar: fresh seafood bar including oysters and fish & chips (~200 - 300kr/person)
  • Markets:
    • Torvehallerne Market: a clean, higher end food hall with open-faced sandwiches, salads (~100 kr/person)
    • Paper Island Papirøen: Copenhagen street food market with multicultural options (~100 kr/person)
  • Budget Options:
    • 7-Eleven: cheap & quick lunch. 30kr/3 hot dog, 25kr/2 focaccia pizza, chicken skewers
    • McDonalds for coffee: 10kr vs. 26kr at Espresso House
    • Supermarkets
  • Local Specialties:
    • Soft ice: the icecream here is different. Try it with churros or on a liege waffle
    • Hot dogs are different from the North American version
    • Seafood

Useful Information

  • Weather: Late August was warm-chilly with light rain. Bring an umbrella, light jacket/thick sweater and scarf
  • Currency: Danish Krone (DKK, Kr)
  • Getting around: 24-hour metro passes cover the metro (main city core), S-train (further out stops) and bus. Copenhagen is a fairly small and walkable city

List by: Jennifer

Jennifer is a foodie with a passion for travel. She has visited over 20 cities in 15 countries. She enjoys exploring hidden gems by foot, indulging in local cuisines and absorbing new cultures and lifestyles. Whether it is the bustling city life or scenic nature views, Jennifer’s mission is to eat well and travel

often. Follow her adventures at jenyuen.blogspot.ca

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