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Puerto Rico Travel Guide: Things to Do in Puerto, Rico

Let's travel to Puerto Rico

It is more than an island for vacation on the Caribbean, but a pearl on the blue ocean with a unique mix of different cultures (Amerindian, European, African and America). Walking along the wall of the Castle, feeling the past and present, you can imagine what happened centuries ago. You will also be inspired by those colorful Spanish architecture and spend whole day taking pictures. If you want to escape from the freezing cold weather in the east coast of America, come down and enjoy the sunshine, beach, and great food!  

Old San Juan

Two Castles and colorful Spanish buildings are all in the walking distance. Just enjoy a relaxing day walking in the old city.

  • Transportation:
    • Taxi from the airport: $24/car
    • Taxi to Fajardo ferry terminal: $90-110/car
  • Where to Stay:
    • Hotels within resort area are bit pricey but extremely convenient, walking distance to any place in the old city. There are also boutique hotels but more expensive and hard to book. It is suggested to plan earlier.
  • Where to Eat:
    • Café Mallorca (very local bakery shop): must try Mallorca
    • ChocoBar: Luna Negra with rum and Chocolate martini, yummy!
    • Café Berlin: reviewed by New York Times, must try Mango Mojito and seafood plates, also for vegetarians

Culebra Island

Famous for world top white sand beach- Flamenco beach. You can do snorkeling and scuba diving to see sea life and coral formations, or just relaxing on the beach.

  • Umbrella rental: $10/day; Chair rental: $5/day; Cheap! Huh?
  • Transportation:
    • Ferry from Fajardo: $2/person, but only three times per day and only can buy tickets 1.5h before leaving, remember to check schedule
    • Airplane from Vieques: $45 (10min); from SJU: $200+
    • No ferry between Culebra and Vieques, have to go back to Fajardo to take ferry, so plane is the best choice to save time
    • Call a taxi can take you everywhere for $3/person, $1/person tip


Have you ever watched Life of Pie? Ever impressed by Bioluminescent Lake? Let’s take a Bio-bay tour at night! Guided by professionals and paddle a glass-bottom kayak under the milk way! Check the moon calendar before going.

  • Transportation:
    • Ferry from Fajardo: $2.25; plane from Culebra or SJU
    • Call a taxi can take you everywhere for $5/person, $1/person tip
  • Where to stay?
    • B&B on the island, not pricey but have to book asap or Hostel
  • Where to eat?
    • Trade winds: Trust me! They have the best Pina Colada!
    • Banana: whole fried red snapper
    • Restaurants are most in Esperanza, the most bustling place on the island

Other things to do (If you have more time) 

  • Take a rum factory tour to Casa Bacardí to learn about the past, present and future of the world's most awarded rum and Spirit!
  • Take a tropical rainforest tour if you like nature and want to learn the biology of wildlife.

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List by: Gloria JM Meng

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