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Munich Travel Guide: What to Do & Where to Eat in Munich, Germany | Wanderlist Travel

Munich, Germany Travel Guide: Top Things to Do and See in Munich

Munich is the third largest city in Germany, located in the beautiful state of Bavaria. This is an ideal place for foodies and beer lovers, especially wheat beer. When we think of this city three things come in our minds: Oktoberfest (during last week of September), Bayern Munich (soccer club) and BMW cars. Here you will see that new age buildings and old architecture can in deed coexist.


  • Marienplatz: Your journey should start at Marienplatz in front of Munich town hall, breath-taking gothic master piece. If you go up to the top of the building on a clear day you can even see the Alps.

  • English Garden: In the midst of all those building you have 370 acres botanical park called English garden, where you can chill and relax or even surf on one of small lakes. It is an ideal place to take a break and enjoy your Bavarian pretzel.

  • Architecture of the Munich residency is a blend of Neoclassical, Baroque and Renaissance styles. If you can you should visit this place few times because of its size. Munich residency dates from 14th century when it was a castle.

  • Hofrbäuhaus: If you go (read must go) to Hofrbäuhaus you will drink beer where notorious Adolf Hitler started it all. This is most famous beer house in Munich. Here you can try dozen varieties of beer. You should know that this region of Germany is famous for wheat beer.

  • Frauenkirche is one of Munich landmarks. You will be amazed when you gauge your eyes on 109 metres twin towers. This church dates from the 15th century and it´s architecture is discreet with few windows. Here you can see a foot impression that was allegedly left by the devil itself, would you know it?

  • BMW museum and world this is also a must, you will see amazing things even if you are not a car enthusiast. BMW produced airplane motors at first so you will see a lot of interesting things at the museum. There is even Elvis Presley´s BMW on the show here. After learning about history of this famous car manufacturer you should go to BMW Welt (World), entrance is free. When someone buys a car there, they lift the car in a glass elevator which you can agree is a great way to acquaint with your new road buddy.

  • Allianz arena is the home grounds of one of the best soccer clubs in the world Bayern Munich, for football lovers this is a must. The stadium accommodates 66.000 people and believe me that almost every seat is taken when Bavarians play Bundesliga and Champions league matches. You can have a 1 hour tour of the museum, locker rooms, field and press room, or maybe if you are lucky and come here when Bayern plays home match you can go and watch it and see the whole arena glowing in this football club colour.

  • If you are an art lover you should visit Alte Pinakothek one of the oldest art galleries and Neue Pinakothek where you can find 400 paintings from 1800s.

  • Once a year near the end of September beginning of October on the Theresienwiese Oktoberfest happens. Two week festival of beer, food and Bavarian heritage. This is the only place in the world when you can get banned from the tent if the waiter decides that you drink too little. This festival is definitely a bucketlister.



  • Almost on every corner you can buy hot Bavarian pretzels or different kinds of sausages or wurst as Germans call it. This is the best food on the go.

  • Pork shank is a must for meat lovers. It goes best with some wheat beer.

  • Sauerkraut is one of best side dishes you can have with all meat related meals here.

  • Duck is also a specialty here.

  • Beer, beer and some more beer. Many beer gardens and pubs offer a wide variety of beers, you will not go wrong whichever you choose.


  • Well there are so many great places here where you can eat great food. Except Hofbräuhaus (note that this is really touristy place so if you are not a fan of that just pass it as a part of sightseeing and go somewhere else to eat) you can go to a nearby place called Augustiner am Platz! You should try their pork shank, sauerkraut and wheat beer.

  • Every local beer manufacturer has its own beer garden where beer is a bit cheaper.

  • Don´t hesitate to eat on the street, locals do why shouldn´t you?


  • If you come by car park it outside Munich because traffic jams are horrible and that is a bad way to ruin a holiday.

  • Bus and metro are really good and on time (German punctuality), if you are in a group you can buy group tickets which are cheaper.

  • Regarding nightlife ask around and go out where locals do (you will have much better time).

  • You can find cheapest beer is in local beer gardens.

  • People are friendly so don’t hesitate to ask what you want to know.

  • Note that Munich is the most expensive city in Germany, so organize your budget well.

  • Enjoy the city and just walk around, best thing happen unexpectedly.


  • If you want to do some shopping here you should stroll down Neuhauser Straße and Kaufingerstraße

  • Olympia shopping centre is the largest shopping mall in Bavaria with 135 shops.

  • Also you should visit Maximilian and Thetinerstraße


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