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What to Do & Eat in Reykjavik, Iceland - Wanderlist

Let's travel to: Reykjavik, Iceland

In a nutshell: nature, nature, nature


  • Blue Lagoon – do not leave Iceland without taking a dip in this famous geothermal spa heated by hot lava. Also be sure to apply some of the algae facemask, found in multiple tubs around the spa.
  • Northern Lights – because they are quite difficult to spot, most tour companies will let you go multiple evenings at no extra cost.
  • Golden Circle – this area, covering ~300km, is made up of 3 sights to see:
    • Thingvellier National Park – a rift valley (that experiences 400 earthquakes/week) where the Viking Parliament set up shop in 930 AD. You can also see the spot where the Eurasian and the North American tectonic plates meet.
    • Gullfoss waterfall – water flows at speeds of 103,000 litres/second
    • Geysir hot spring – see the original geyser, as well as the Strokkur geyser, which blows up every 2 minutes.


  • Lamb, dairy, and fish. Iceland is famous for its homey stews!


  • Most of the breathtaking views in Iceland are actually a fair drive’s away from Reykjavik. Renting a car will save you money you would’ve spent on tours, and it will also let you call the shots on how long you want to stay at each destination.
  • Take the Fly Bus from the airport. You can buy tickets on the airplane, and the bus stops at all the major hotels and hostels in Reykjavik.


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