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What to Do & See in Santorini, Greece - WANDERLIST

Let's travel to: Santorini, Greece

You can’t help but be in awe of the postcard perfect views everywhere and instantly fall in love with this island of blue and white and magnificent sunsets


  • Santorini's official name is actually Thira
  • It is the remains of a large volcanic eruption that wiped out the earliest settlements on what was a single island
  • Water at the black beach is water due to the heat absorbing black lava rock 
  • One of the only two locations in Europe which has a hot desert climate
  • Due to its volcanic past, Santorini has white, black and red beaches 
  • Santorini has a flourishing wine industry


  • Language: Greek
  • Currency: Euro
  • Tipping: Greece has a rounding up policy. If the bill is larger, tip around 5-10%, 8% is very standard. 
  • Transportation: Buses are available; however, the easiest way to get around is renting an ATV or car
  • Best time to visit: May to October


  • Take in the most beautiful sunsets
    • The most famous one is in Oia (be prepared to climb some roofs for the best view) 
    • Other spectacular sunsets are at: Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli
    • Faros in Akrotiri allows you to see the sunset with a beautiful framed view of Santorini
    • Profitis Ilias is one of the highest spots of the island
  • Cliff jumping at Amoudi Bay
    • Walk down the stairs, past the restaurants and keep through the rocky path for the best spot
  • Rent an ATV and drive around the island
    • There is no better way to explore the beautiful island!
    • Discover areas that aren't accessible by bus and travel on your own schedule
    • Tip: Pack a jacket as it gets quite chilly at night. 
  • Walk through the narrow streets to explore Fira
    • Many beautiful little boutiques
  • Sunbake on the different coloured sand beaches
    • hoose from the black sand beaches of Perissa or Kamari beach or the Red Beach in Akrotiri
  • Go on a donkey ride in Fira
    • The rides are bumpy going up and down the steps
    • Alternative: arrange a donkey ride to the beach through your hotel to avoid the crowd of tourists
  • Stay in a cave house with a beautiful view of the water
  • Drink a couple of glasses of wine at a wine tasting
  • Try not to laugh during a fish pedicure
  • Hike the three hour trail from Fira to Oia
  • Jump off a boat into the hot springs and hike around the volcanic island of Neo Kamen
    • Take the boat tour from the Old Fira port
  • See a movie at the open air cinema in Kamari 
  • Go sailing around the Greek islands
  • Try your luck at the Atlantis bookstore in Oia


  • Seafood at Sunset Taverna
    • Pricer but a great view - especially during sunset
  • God's Garden for the moussaka and lamb plate
  • Dimitris for the seafood 
  • Nikolas Taverna in Fira
  • Xanis for the lamb plate


  • Eat lots (and lots) of natural Greek frozen yogurt
  • Try the donkey beer
  • Gyro
  • Fresh seafood
  • Moussaka - pasta free lasagne with sautéed eggplant, minced meat, tomato, onion, garlic, potato, bechamel sauce and grilled cheese, layered and usually covered with cheese
  • Stuffed eggplant and peppers
  • Baked feta cheese
  • Tzatziki sauce - yogurt and cucumber seasoned with garlic
  • Tiropites - triangle pastries made up of filo pastry and filled with a delicious mixture of Greek cheese
  • Dolmathakia - stuffed vine leaves with rice, pine nuts, and fresh herbs
  • Traditional dessert baklava


  • The best views and photos are from rooftops (but as always, make sure to be careful and respectful of property)


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