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Top Things To Do in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Let's travel to: Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Taylor Swift filmed her “Wildest Dreams” music video in this vast national treasure. Satisfy your own wildest dreams by paying the park a visit to see incredible wildlife roam free in the endless plains.

Picking a Tour Group and Accommodations:

  • There are many tour groups that will cater your Serengeti experience exactly how you want it. You can decide the amount of days and nights you want to adventure for, as well as if you would like to camp in tents or live in a hotel at night. Make sure to shop around different tour groups to get the best rates.
  • Negotiating for the price is fair game! I was able to get a hefty discount and paid only 600 USD for 4 days and 3 nights, all-inclusive (food, living expenses, park fees, car, personal driver and chef, and etc). Pro Tip: the more people you go with, the cheaper the overall rates will be.
  • Ask for an experienced driver because he will be acting as your tour guide. Our driver had over 15 years of experience and he was able to help us spot incredible sights from afar like a lioness hunting a herd of zebras!
  • CAMP OUT INSTEAD OF LIVING IN A HOTEL. It’s cheaper and way cooler! One day, 2 baby elephants crashed our campsite while they were looking for water! And at night, you can see the Milky Way because the sky is just that clear!

Tips for the in-Park Experience:

  • Bring a ton of bug repellant. If you think regular mosquitos are bad, the bugs in the Serengeti are even worse. The insects are attracted to blue and black so avoid wearing dark colours.
  • Bring facial wipes, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer as the bathroom and shower conditions are unpredictable.
  • Dress in layers. It gets extremely cold at night and in the mornings. I would recommend bringing 2 hoodies, 2 pairs of pants, and a light jacket in addition to your day clothes.  
  • Do not forget to tip your driver and chef at the end of the trip!

Other Recommendations:

  • Pay a visit to the Ngorongoro Crater – the world’s largest volcanic crater!
    • The Crater is about a 2-hour drive from the East side of the Serengeti gate, and is home to many animal species that have lived there since the beginning of time. Hope for a hot day when you visit because the Crater lacks trees (aka shade) so when the animals get warm, they might come right next to your car for shade!

List by: Iris Wu

Iris is currently working in Tanzania for 3 months to establish a community-led probiotic yogurt kitchen. Despite her extreme fear of flying, she is still a travel and adventure junkie. Keep up with her on Instagram at @iriswu61 as she fills the pages on her passport with a student budget.

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