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Sydney Travel Guide: What to Do & Where to Eat in Sydney, Australia | Wanderlist Travel

Sydney, Australia Travel Guide: Top Things to Do and See in Sydney

Sydney is one of the most sought-after destinations in the globe. It has everything a person could ask for from relaxing beaches, amazing scenery, bustling city centre to tranquil suburbs. 

Things to do

  • Take a stroll from Bondi to Coogee. This is a must do for anyone visiting the city. You get to see some of the most famous beaches in the world and take in the amazing coast line that stretches around Sydney. It isn’t too strenuous and anyone with a good level of fitness should be able to complete the walk in a few hours. Tip: It’s better to start from Bondi as this allows for the best views

  • Check out the amazing fireworks display held in Darling harbour every Saturday night. It’s a brilliant spectacle which always attracts large crowds to the area. Afterwards you can enjoy some food or a nice drink in the many bars and restaurants in the area.

  • Visit the world-famous Opera house and the botanic gardens. The views here are spectacular and you can spend hours drifting around the botanic gardens and the surrounding circular quay, taking in the sites of the Opera house and Harbour bridge. Tip: For the best pictures of the Opera house, walk along the harbour bridge for an amazing panoramic view

  • Have some food or simply enjoy the city skyline from the Westfield Sydney tower. This revolving restaurant hangs majestically in the centre of Sydney’s high-rise buildings, allowing for an unforgettable view of the city.

  • Take the ferry to Manly beach. Manly is another one of the countless beaches that make up Sydney, however, it’s the boat ride to the beach which is the most fun. It takes around 45 minutes and brings you past the Harbour bridge, Opera house and through the opening of Sydney harbour. It can get quite busy on weekends so expect a queue.

Day breaks from the city:

Sometimes the hustle and bustle can get to much and you might want to take a break, so here are a few suggestions on where to go.

  • The blue mountains are another must see for those in Sydney. There are two main ways to see these incredible mountains. You can go on an action-packed adventure tour with one of the operators in the areas. Here you will find your day filled with zip-lining, waterfall jumps and rappelling. For those who would like a more leisurely day, it’s possible to take the train from any of the major stations in the city centre out to the mountains. Spend your day walking along the many trails which dot the area.

  • The figure 8 pools are another great location to visit on a day outside of the city. The easiest way to reach the pools is to rent a car and drive around the Royal national park, located around two hours south of the city. Once you have found a parking space it’s another hour walk to the pools. Expect to get splashed by the incoming waves and enjoy the almost deserted beach while you are there. (be careful when walking on the rocks though as they can get quite slippery).

  • Finally, for those who are fans of Home and away, a bus trip to Watsons bay will give you the opportunity to spot some of the beautiful locations used throughout the show. The bus can be taken from the city centre, but be warned it can take up to two hours as the roads are uphill and quite difficult to manoeuvre. The area is home to some of the wealthier residents of Sydney so expect to see some amazing homes, boats and cars and if you’re lucky some actors as well.

Where to eat and drink:

  • Darling harbour offers a huge array of restaurants all of the highest quality. You can find anything from world class BBQ eateries to some of the nicest seafood available. Check for reservations as they can book up fast on weekends.

  • The rocks provide some of the best nightlife in town with an abundance of restaurants and bars, all within easy walking distance of each other. Expect to hear everything form reggae, live acoustic sessions and club classics as you walk around the area.

  • For something a little quieter or more romantic, Circular quay is the place to go. Prices are much higher here and dress codes are stricter so dress to impress.


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