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Thassos Island Travel Guide: What to Do & See in Thassos, Greece | Wanderlist Travel

Thassos Island: One of the most remarkable islands of Greece

Known as the jewel of the Aegean Sea, Thassos Island is a real treasure of Greece.Travellers who experiences the beauties of the island for the first time, usually return there again. Thassos is the Northern Island of the Aegean Sea, and its closest city, around 20 kilometers (12 miles) away is Kavala. Rich with greenery, the island has the best breath-taking environment.

Interesting Facts

  • Thassos Island is 12th largest island by area in Greece

  • Population: The first habitants of the island were the people of Phoenicia. The island was named after Thassos (son of the Phoenician king).Today,the island has a population of 14000 habitants. The main occupation of the residents of the island is tourism, fishery, cattle-breeding and marble extraction. Through centuries, the residents maintain their rich culture and tradition by producing the best local products, such as: olives, olive oil, honey, oregano and wine.

  • Named as the “Emeralde Island”, Thassos has magnificent vegetation. The island is covered with pine trees, olive trees, herbs and aromatic plants

  • Thassos has 22 coastal and mountain villages. The coastal villages usually have the title Skala. Limenas is the capital of the island and is commonly called Thassos Town.

  • Climate: The Island has a temperate climate. July is the hottest month with an average of 24 °C (75 °F).

Useful Information:

  • Currency: Euro (EUR)

  • Language: Greek

  • Getting here: The closest airport is the airport of Kavala - “Alexander the Great” (KVA) - in Chrysoupoli, and is 12 km far from Keramoti. You can also catch a bus at the local bus station in Kavala and take a ferry and travel to Skala of Prinos. Unlike many other Greek islands, Thassos has dozens of ferry crossings every day during the summer season. Taking a ferry from Keramoti-Limenas (Thassos Town) is the best option with a journey time of just 40 minutes.

What to Do & See in Thassos?

Endless sunshine, magnificent beaches and delicious food are the things that attract tourists to visit the island year after year. Everyone that visits Thassos is amazed from the wonderful beaches that this island has. It is known that the island has more beaches than on any other island in Greece. Here I have listed the most popular beaches and places in Thassos you should not miss:

  • Golden Beach (12 km away from Limenas and 4km away from the village Panagia): Also known as Chrissi Ammoudia, this beach stretches along the coast between the resorts Skala Panagia and Skala Potamia. In this area you can find many hotels, rooms for rent, tavernas and water sports attractions.

  • Pachis Beach (7 km far from Limenas): This is definitely one of the best organized sandy beaches in Thassos. Surrounded with a lot of pine trees, Pachis is great for natural shade.

  • Makryammos Beach (2 km far from Limenas): Located in northern Thassos, this well organized sandy beach was awarded with a blue flag. Since Makryammos is a private beach that belongs to a hotel-resort, for access it is required to pay a fee. However, it is definitely worth it!

  • Aliki Beach (32 km away from Limenas): Aliki is located at the northeastern side. This beach is quieter and not so busy. It is a breath-taking peninsula forming two beautiful coves surrounded by crystal waters.

  • Porto Vathy Marble Beach (7 km far from Limenas): Turquoise water, sandy beach and pine trees that reach the sea, make this place a complete paradise.

  • Panagia: Panagia village was the capital of the island during the Greek Revolution. It is one of the most picturesque and photogenic villages of the island of Thassos. Located into the side of the mountain, from here you can catch the most spectacular views to the sea and across the bay.

  • Potos: Located on the island’s southern coast, Potos village is a very popular holiday destination especially for younger and more energetic group of tourists. So, if you are for night outs and great parties, you should definitely not miss Potos.

  • The main road of Thassos connects all the coastal villages and the perimeter is approximately 100 km. So, you can visit all the beaches and all the beautiful coastal villages.

Good Places to Eat

There are immerse number of restaurants and fast food places on the island. Wherever you go, you will be very welcomed. Here are some suggestions where you can find great food:

  • La Terrasse Restaurant- Golden Beach- offers variety of traditional greek cuisine and mediterranean

  • Taverna Mouses -Limenas- Lovely restaurant where you can find great traditional food and wonderful bread. If you are planning to go during dinner time, better reserve your place beforehand.

  • San Antonio Beach Restaurant- Tasty seafood and wine with a lovely view of the sea

San Antonio

San Antonio

Food Specialties

  • Olives and Olive oil - Residents of Greece are known for cultivating olives for centuries. Meals are accompanied by tasty local olives.

  • Greek Salad - A must have with every meal!

  • Moussaka - traditional meal that is served almost in every restaurant

  • Souvlaki - the most popular meal, available in many street restaurants. It is known as meat-on-a-skewer, flavoured with tzatziki sauce.

  • Retsina - Greek white (rose) resinated wine, with a unique flavor.

If you are still wondering where your next holiday destination will be, do not hesitate to book Thassos island. There, you will definitely have a time to remember.


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