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Zanzibar Travel Guide: What to Do & Where to Eat in Zanzibar, Tanzania | Wanderlist Travel

Zanzibar, Tanzania Travel Guide: Top Things to Do and See in Zanzibar

Located in the Indian Ocean, a few miles from Tanzania, Zanzibar is home to fascinating beaches with white sandy beaches and towns rich in culture and history. It has a constant stream of tourists all year round as it is the perfect destination for a beach getaway.


  • This beautiful city, Stone town is full streets that are similar and rich in history. Walk through the streets and feel the culture while embracing its history.

    • While in Stone town, visit the Palace museum to learn about the sultans and their roles. The museum is a great place to learn about the history of Stone town. It costs about three dollars for entry.

  • Explore and relax at the beautiful white sandy Nungwi beach full of palm trees. The beach has a variety of water sports that you can enjoy while getting the perfect tan.

  • Be sure take a tour to Jozani forest and do not forget to take numerous pictures of the beautiful mangrove trees and wildlife. You might be lucky and stop the rare red colobus monkey.

  • If you want to share in history, Prison island is a must visit. A hired tour guide will take you through the prison and share information. Here you get to spend time with giant tortoises.

  • You must not leave Zanzibar before going on the Spice tour. You are sure to learn about a whole lot of spices that we use in our food as you are guided through the spice farms

  • The old fort is the ruins of the Portuguese fort and hosts a marketplace around it. It is a gathering place in Zanzibar and great for pictures and knowledge.

  • House of wonders got its name as it was the first place in East Africa to have electricity and an elevator. This site is full of rich history.


  • Darajani bazaar is a local market where the locals sell food. It is a great place to get a variety of spices to take back with you from the trip.

  • Zanzibar curio shop is one of the places where you must visit. Here you will find a variety of items to buy as a souvenir such as bracelets, magnets, and antiques. Your bargaining power will be put to the test.

  • In Aromas of Zanzibar, you will find handmade items by the locals that are stunning. These are fantastic as presents. Here you will find authentic items from traditional African clothing to yoga mats.


  • The rock Zanzibar is located on a rock off the island. It is not only a beautiful view but also home to a variety of Swahili dishes that are finger licking good.

  • Forodhani gardens are full of fresh food that is very affordable. If you are craving fresh seafood or fast food, you will find it here. Do not leave before trying the famous Zanzibar pizza.

  • Locals recommend Lukmaan restaurant for its affordable yet delicious food. It has a variety of options to choose from, but the most famous meal is Pilau.

  • Zanzibar coffee house is the ideal place to stop for coffee or snacks. It is located in the heart of the city in stone town. The staffs are warm, and the atmosphere is relaxing with their cool Swahili beats.

  • House of spices has a variety of vegetarian meals to make your stay even better as you enjoy your delicious meal while overlooking the beautiful view.

  • Emerson on hurumzi has an incredible 360-degree view of the city, and you can have that while enjoying a cultural and culinary experience.


  • Language: Learn some Swahili words before you visit, most locals prefer not to converse in English. Habari means hello, Asante means thank you, upendo means love. Try and learn a few words to make your visit even more amazing.

  • Currency: The currency used is Tanzanian shillings. It is important to note that ATMs are only in Stone town, ATMs are not available in other beaches. It is essential to carry some cash with you as the ATMs are not reliable.

  • Best time to visit: The best time to visit is between December and February when it is hot and also between June and October as it is cool.

  • Visas can be obtained on arrival or through applying via a Tanzanian consulate. Yellow fever vaccination is compulsory for most countries.

  • Getting Around:

    • Daladalas which are the public transport of Zanzibar is the cheapest means of transportation. You can board them from almost anywhere as long as you give the driver the driver a stop sign.

  • What to pack: Zanzibar is populated with Swahili people who are mostly Muslim. It is crucial to observe decent dressing in the towns; you can, however, rock your two-piece suit at the beach.


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